Calgary Spoken Word FestivalThe 2013 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival marks the 10 Year Anniversary and is shaping up to be extravagant! This year’s theme “Extreme Thinking” will feature top poets from around the world. With the best educational programming, workshops, panels, Slams, and fantastic performances on the way, the 10th anniversary is going to be a blast! In addition, they continue to promote use of the Spoken Word Workbook: inspiration from poets who teach – the 1st ever Spoken Word book and connected interactive website in our educational programming and to young poets who want to improve their writing skills! Over 100 artists from Canada, North America and abroad—in more than 34 star-studded events: Youth, Elder, Queer, Slam, Culturally Diverse, Educational, and Women—all over Calgary for the month of April! For more information and for tickets see