AMC_AWARDS_logoThe Alberta Magazine Publishers Association  announced the finalists of the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards in 14 Showcase categories recognizing and celebrating excellence in magazine editorial content and design: Written (Alberta Story, Emerging Writer, Essay, Feature Writing [Short], Fiction, Poetry, Profile and Service); Visual (Art Direction for a Single Issue, Feature Design, Illustration and Photograph); Integrated (Cover); and Digital (Digital Presence).



  • Alberta Venture | Omar Mouallem| The Lives of Others
  • Alberta Views | Paul Haavardsrud | A Burning Dilemma
  • Alberta Views | Kevin Van Tighem | Silence in the Park
  • Alberta Views | Curtis Gillespie | Under Scrutiny
  • Avenue Edmonton | Max Fawcett | Paradise Found
  • Eighteen Bridges | Russell Cobb | Glorious and Free. Mostly.
  • Oilweek | Gordon Jaremko | Lougheed’s Credo
  • Swerve | Jeremy Klaszus | A Landmark Languishes
  • Swerve | Jeremy Klaszus | Deerfoot’s Revenge


  • Degrees Magazine | Raquel Fletcher | Ten Tree Sees the Forest and the Trees
  • FreeFall | Jessica Pia | Dinner with Dad
  • Profiles West | Devon Jolie | History Denied
  • Profiles West | Melissa Molloy | The Accuser and Us


  • Alberta Oil | Roger Tissot | Follow the Leader
  • Alberta Views | Karen Connelly | Washing the Body
  • Avenue Calgary | Craig Davidson | Precious Cargo
  • Eighteen Bridges | Sophie Lees | Psychiatry’s Best Guess
  • Eighteen Bridges | Max Fawcett | Why Knot?
  • Eighteen Bridges | Timothy Taylor | Ya Gotta Believe
  • IMPACT | Marcello Di Cintio | Sand Blast
  • Swerve | Steve Burgess | Watching TV with Dad
  • Swerve | Deborah Tetley | Baby Steps Toward Hope
  • Western Living | Masa Takei | Why I Hunt


  • Alberta Oil | Steve Macleod | Bridging the Last Divide
  • Alberta Venture | Anthony Davis | The Prodigy
  • Avenue Edmonton | Omar Mouallem | Winterless City
  • Eighteen Bridges | Scott Messenger | Thanks for Nothing, Pop
  • up! | Pam Fieber | Chicago: Sophisticated, Without the Attitude
  • up! | Zac Unger | Small is Beautiful
  • Western Living | Stacey McLachlan | The Bounty Hunter


  • Alberta Views | Kat Main | The Hanged Man
  • Eighteen Bridges | Caroline Adderson | I Feel Lousy
  • filling Station | Natalie Morrill | Ossicles
  • FreeFall | Naomi K. Lewis | Seesaw
  • Prairie Journal| Robin van Eck | Everywhere and Nowhere


  • Eighteen Bridges | Karen Solie | Rothko via Muncie, Indiana
  • Eighteen Bridges | Tim Lilburn | Turtle Mountain
  • filling Station | Kevin Stebner | Timber and Wreckaged
  • filling Station | Eric Zboya | visual poems: 119 Ununennium, 120 Unbinilium, GSH and Taurine
  • FreeFall | Richard Harrison | Poem for a Crescent Moon
  • FreeFall | Carl Svoboda | Shooting Rats


  • Alberta Oil | Marzena Czarnecka | Al Monaco’s Quandary
  • Alberta Venture | Geoffrey Morgan | Reinventing the Wheels
  • Alberta Views | Marcello Di Cintio | A Hymn in Aramaic
  • Canadian Cowboy Country | Tom Reardon | Roger Beierbach: One of a Kind
  • Eighteen Bridges | Curtis Gillespie | The Populist
  • Eighteen Bridges | Christine Fischer Guy | Burden of Proof
  • Swerve | Malwina Gudowska | A Woman’s Place is at the Altar
  • Swerve | Bruce Weir | It’s Curtains for Him
  • techlife | Scott Messenger | Northern Composure
  • The PEG | Christine Cottrell | Open the Box, Open the Mind


  • Alberta Venture | Steve Macleod | The High Cost of Feeling Low
  • Alberta Venture | Max Fawcett | Money for Nothing
  • Alberta Venture | Alix Kemp | You, Only Better
  • Avenue Calgary | Cara Casey, Cinda Chavich, Dan Clapson, John Gilchrist, Jennifer Hamilton, Gwendolyn Richards, and Julie Van Rosendaal | Best Food To Go
  • Avenue Edmonton | Tina Faiz | Truck Nuts
  • Swerve | Kim Gray | Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
  • Swerve | Elizabeth Chorney-Booth | A Mid-Century Holiday Menu
  • up! | Deb Cummings, Lynda Sea, Mandy Savoie, Julie Ovenell-Carter, Susan Farewell, Sarah Staples, May DeLory, Sara Welch, Neal Turnage, Margaret Swaine, Shooka Ahemirani, Tex Plaveneiks, Maria Carter, Sharaon Spence Lieb, Colleen Seto, Abby Miller and Stephen Schaefer | Ultimate Romance Guide
  • up! | Deb Cummings, Pam Fieber, Shelley Arnusch, Lynda Sea, Carrie Tait, Lisa Kadane, Andrew Findlay, Diana Coulter and Lori Knowles | Ultimate Ski Guide
  • Western Living | Neal McLennan | How to Peel an Artichoke



  • Alberta Oil | Kim Larson, art director | August 2012
  • Alberta Venture | Kim Larson, art director | The Sin & Self-Improvement Issue
  • LINK | Richard Maruk, art director; Carolynn Semeniuk, editor | Fall 2012
  • UPPERCASE | Janine Vangool, publisher, designer, editor | Issue #13
  • UPPERCASE | Janine Vangool, publisher, designer, editor | Issue #15


  • Alberta Venture | Kim Larson, art director; Bryce Meyer, photographer | The Prodigy
  • Avenue Calgary | Anders Knudsen, art director | Feed the Need to Stampede
  • IMPACT | Kyle K. Fujita, designer and art director | XC Ski Infographic
  • New Trail | Marcey Andrews, art director | Net-worked
  • Swerve | Vishu Mahajan, art director | Double Take
  • Swerve | Danae Thompson, art director | Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
  • Western Living | Randall Watson, art director; Carlo Ricci, John Sinal, Martin Tessler, Nic Lehoux, Eugene Uhuad and Robert Lemermeyer, photographers; Maureen Willick, stylist | Designers of the Year
  • Western Living | Brennan Higginbotham, art director; Clinton Hussey, photographer; Murray Bancroft, stylist | Just Desserts


  • Alberta Oil | Dushan Milic | End of Days
  • Alberta Oil | Eddie Guy | Follow the Leader
  • Alberta Oil | Michael Byers | Manifest Doubt
  • Alberta Venture | Robert Carter | Perfect Storms
  • Avenue Edmonton | Rick Sealock | Paradise Found
  • New Trail | Raymond Biesinger | Creative Licence
  • Swerve | Josh Holinaty | The Art of Snow Removal
  • Swerve | Byron Eggenschwiler | Watching TV with Dad
  • Swerve | Byron Eggenschwiler | Dynamite Reads


  • airdrielife | Carl Patzel, photographer; Kim Williams, art director | Sharp Hill
  • airdrielife | Kristy Reimer, photographer; Kim Williams, art director | Gary Giesbrecht
  • Alberta Oil | Curtis Comeau, photographer; Kim Larson, art director | Calling Nisku
  • Avenue Calgary | Jared Sych, photographer; Anders Knudsen and Erin Burns, art directors; Alicja Wilkosz, hair and make up; Julie Van Rosendaal, food stylist | Last Supper
  • Avenue Edmonton | Ashley Champagne, photographer; Susan Meingast, art director | Three of a Kind
  • IMPACT | Paul Zizka | The Land That Does Not Melt
  • New Trail | John Ulan, photographer; Marcey Andrews, art director | The Changing Face of the North
  • Oilweek | Jason Stang, photographer; Cathy Ozubko, creative lead | Pat Daniel
  • Swerve | Joey Podlubny | Double Take
  • Where Calgary | Jason Eng, photographer; Veronica Cowan, art director | Urban Renewal



  • Alberta Oil | Ryan Girard, art director; Marco Cibola, illustrator | August 2012
  • Alberta Oil | Ryan Girard and Kim Larson, art directors; John Gaucher, photographer | December 2012
  • Alberta Venture | Kim Larson, art director; Gary Stevensen, illustrator | The Sin & Self-Improvement Issue/August 2012
  • Avenue Calgary
    Anders Knudsen and Erin Burns, art directors; Jared Sych, photographer; Alicja Wilkosz, hair and makeup; Julie Van Rosendaal, food stylist | Last Supper
  • New Trail | Marcey Andrews, art director; Raymond Biesinger, illustrator | Spring 2012
  • Oilsands Review | Cathy Ozubko, creative lead; Joel Kadziolka, designer; Deborah Jaremko, editor | September 2012
  • Swerve | Vishu Mahajan, art director; Joey Podlubny, photographer | Double Take
  • Swerve | Danae Thompson, art director; Josh Holinaty, illustrator | The Art of Snow Removal



  • Avenue Calgary | Allison McNeely, web editor; Dave Wilkinson, technology director; Joel Collyer, web developer; Kenny Odlum, web designer; Jennifer Hamilton, executive editor; Jaelyn Molyneux, senior editor; Jay Winans, managing editor; Ricky Zayshley, associate editor; Meredith Bailey, editorial assistant; Shelley Arnusch, staff writer |
  • Galleries West | Tom Tait, Kim Machado, Kristy Davison |
  • Swerve | Valerie Berenyi, Danae Thompson, Vishu Mahajan, Jon Roe, Bruce Weir, Hart Steinfeld, Forrest Molstad, Meghan Jessiman |
  • up! | Diana Ng, web editor; Dave Wilkinson, technology director; Joel Collyer, web developer; Kenny Odlum, web designer; Deb Cummings, editor; Pam Fieber, managing editor; Jill Foran, associate editor; Mandy Savoie, assistant editor |
  • Wine Access | Amanda Allison, web editor; Dave Wilkinson, technology director; Joel Collyer, web developer; Kenny Odlum, web designer; Shelley Boettcher, executive editor; Darren Oleksyn, managing editor; Tom Firth, Craig Pinhey, Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, contributors |

The Showcase Awards winners will be announced at the Alberta Magazine Awards Gala, March 14, 2013 in Calgary, Alberta. Purchase your tickets today! March 7 is the deadline to register for the Alberta Magazines Conference and Awards Gala.  See more at

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association also announced the recipients of the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards for Editor of the Year and Achievement in Publishing. These Achievement Awards recognize the innovation and creativity made by an individual to the magazine industry.


Congratulations to Mike Ganley, recipient of the 2013 Editor of the Year award!

Editor of Alberta Venture since 2011, Mike Ganley engages with the issues facing Alberta’s business sector with immense energy. He has distinguished himself as a leader and collaborator, developing initiatives that have not only contributed to discussions in Alberta, but have launched them. Read the full description of Mike Ganley’s editorial accomplishments.


Congratulations to Elaine Kupser, recipient of the 2013 Achievement in Publishing award!

Elaine Kupser launched IMPACT Magazine in September 1991, with $5,000 seed money and raw determination. By the time the magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary, its circulation had expanded sevenfold, and its page count increased from 32 to a record of 164. More significantly, Elaine celebrated a two-decade journey from fitness professional and novice publisher, to inspiring leader in both the fitness and publishing industries.

The Achievement Awards will also be presented at the March 14, 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards Gala in Calgary, Alberta.