YeggiesThe Edmonton New Media Awards, or the Yeggies, is an annual awards show created this year to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in the capital region. It’s an awards show to highlight some of the amazing talent in Edmonton — from people who code websites themselves, to those who write, speak, draw, all on their own time. Yeggies recipients inspire, evoke, inform, educate and entertain us, and they do it because they have a passion for it. The nomninations are closed and are now under consideration. The winners will receive their 2012 awards at a reception and ceremony in May2013. The Yeggies organizing committee is currently sourcing venues and planning the reception. If you’re interested in helping out, email info (at) yeggies dot com.

Award Categories:

Best In Edmonton: The Best Edmonton award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., whose content is focused on showcasing or highlighting the city and any related events, personalities or experiences in and around Edmonton. The winner will be a any kind of social media property — blog, video channel, podcast, Tumblr, etc — that provides an interesting viewpoint of Edmonton.

Best in Political or Current Affairs: The Best in Political or Current Affairs award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., whose content focuses on politics, municipal affairs, provincial affairs and/or current events in and around the city of Edmonton. The winner will be the social media property that best informs and keeps Edmontonians up to date on the political issues affecting the city, region and/or province.

Best in Sports: The Best in Sports award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., whose content focuses on a local sports team or teams, telling the stories behind games, the players, management and staff of those teams. The winner will be the social media property that provides original content, unique presentation and perspective and the most “entertainment value”. Bonus goes to the social media property that manages to steer clear of sports cliches, if that’s even possible.

Best in Food: The Best Food award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., whose content focuses on all things food (and drink!) in the Edmonton area. Restaurants and bars, local farms, trends in food, and even home-cooking experiences are all eligible, as long as Edmonton is part of the conversation. The winning blog makes us salivate, feel envious that we don’t eat or drink so well, and even compels us to leave our dank basements to literally eat Edmonton.

Best in Arts and Culture: The Best in Arts and Culture covers “the scene” in Edmonton. What scene, you ask? It could be anything related to arts and culture — music, television, film, theatre, and any cultural events. The winning social media property opens our eyes to all the incredible artistic and cultural opportunities available in the city — conversely it might be critical of the Edmonton arts scene, always looking for way it could be improved. In the end, it should enlighten us and show us what’s really going on in Edmonton.

Best in Family or Parenting: The Best in Family or Parenting award is given to those who share insights into their own families or family in general online. These individuals may call themselves Mommy Bloggers or Daddy Bloggers (though of course these categories are medium agnostic). Regardless of self-applied labels, they let us into their homes, and allow us to get to know their families — and perhaps even our own — through storytelling.

Best in Humour: The Best in Humour award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., whose content is designed to make us laugh — and more often than not, it completely achieves that objective. The social media property doesn’t necessarily have to highlight Edmonton, but if it doesn’t, it should at least be something that’s created by and Edmontonian (or a few of them).

Best in Fashion and Style: The Best in Style and Fashion award is given to a blog, podcast, videoblog, etc., that covers the trends and styles influenced by and being seen in Edmonton. The winner helps to inspire its readers in their own style and keep them in the know about forthcoming trends in style and fashion.

Best in Business: The best businesses in the Edmonton community know how to use social media to their advantage. The winner of this category is using some form of social media to engage with audiences beyond the “hard sell.” The winning business creates content its audience is keen on obtaining and does so in a community-minded way — that is, not just to sell products or services.

Best in Non-Profit: There are non-profit organizations out there using social media to inform and engage with people about the causes near and dear to them. These organizations might use social media to campaign, or simply to communicate with community members about the issues they support. The winning organization here feels like it’s part of the community — not simply by virtue of the work it does, but because of how it helps to contribute to the ongoing discussion in and about Edmonton.

Best Twitter Persona: This can be an individual or person based in Edmonton that you love to follow. They might inspire you, make you laugh, make you think or make you shake your head. They may do all of those things simultaneously. They’re always the first person you refer people to when they ask you who in Edmonton they should follow on Twitter.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Awarded to an individual who has done incredible things in the Edmonton new media. She or he has helped to raise Edmonton to a level never before achieved, through online communications and content creation. This person promotes Edmonton selflessly using new media tools that connect people, bringing light to the incredible events and people in this great city. The recipient of this award will be selected from nominations by the organizing committee of the Yeggies.

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