Domus Magazine CalgarySource Media Group out of Calgary launched DOMUS magazine on June 2012. It runs three times a year so they’re getting ready to publish their third issue.  Jim Zang, the Associate Publisher says that, “DOMUS is Latin for ‘large house’ or ‘mansion’. The magazine features ads and articles on $1million-plus homes only. This market is huge in Calgary right now and currently growing. Other than Best Home, which is published out of BC and features ads and articles from across Alberta and BC, there is no other magazine that caters to this market exclusively. However, unlike Best Home, our distribution is Calgary only. All local all the time. So advertisers who do business in Calgary only don’t spend money to advertise in markets where they don’t operate. We’ve’ve hired a different group of writers and photographers to work on the magazine and are using a different stock and page size.”

They boast a “unique distribution system” that uses free racks, unaddressed mail, and addressed mail to key contacts and use a completely separate distribution company so that the distribution of DOMUS is entirely distinct from the distribution of their other Calgary mags. Jim assures me that they are intent upon branding DOMUS as uniquely as possible. “We are also making the page layouts look different from anything we’ve ever done before. It’s a beautiful coffee table magazine.”

DOMUS is designed to capture “Calgary’s big and rich lifestyle” writes Pepper Rodrigues in his October 2012 editor’s letter:

This issue of DOMUS comes at a time when the Calgary read estate market is on an upswing, particularly for the kind of luxury homes we are focusing on. A Sotheby’s report says 301 homes sold for over $1 million in Calgary in the first six months of this year, up by 19 per cent from the same period last year. It adds that six per cent of home over $1 million this year have solve for over the asking price.

In addition to DOMUS, Source Media Group publishes 10 regularly scheduled publications. Monthlies include: Condo Living, New Home Living, and Edmonton Home & Condo Living. Quarterlies include: Okotoks Living and Red Deer Living. They also publish Central Alberta Homes quarterly on contract with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Central Alberta, and Profile Magazine, a quarterly and the annual Consumer and Membership directory for the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region.

In addition to the contract editors for Okotoks Living (Jessica Patterson), and Red Deer Living (Shelley Newman), they’ve recently added a junior graphic designer and an editorial assistant, both with help from AMPA’s internship program. In all, Source Media Group includes 19 staff including the contract editors and our co-publishers.

Check out digital editions of all their magazines at under the ‘publications’ tab.