Having achieved international recognition in 2012 for its interactive projects, including a Social TV award for the HEARTLAND Facebook game, CBC is pushing digital boundaries again this year. As CBC’s prime-time dramas and comedies premiere this week, a number of digital media, social TV and transmedia productions will launch online, with more to follow in coming weeks.  “At CBC, we strive to create engaging experiences for our audiences that extend beyond the television screen,” said Tessa Sproule, Director of Interactive Content, CBC. “With storytelling shifting from a one-way, linear activity to a more compelling audience-controlled experience, it’s our goal to create experiences that entertain, enlighten and connect with Canadians during, and beyond the broadcast.”


DoyleHaving successfully launched a second-screen app last year for OVER THE RAINBOW, CBC is again teaming up with TV Plus and the Konrad Group to make a play-along experience that features extra content that’s synced with the broadcast.

The REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Ride Along App (available now on the App store and as a web-app) will engage the audience with additional scenes, extended story content, polls, a trivia challenge with real prizes, behind-the-scenes videos and more –all during the broadcast– and will be built on a curated social experience with both Facebook and Twitter.

The REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Ride Along App is produced by CBC with Take the Shot Productions, The Konrad Group (http://www.konradgroup.com), and TVPlus (http://www.tvplus.com) with the support of the CMF.


Mr. D: SICK DAYA “choose your own adventure”-style comedy episode

mrdIt’s Friday morning and Mr. D has called in sick to go golfing with Bill. There’s only one problem: he’s left his wallet in his desk at school. Time to become a master of stealth and sneak in to get it. If he’s caught by Principal Callaghan, things will not go well for him. However, he’ll have your help to evade the likes of Callaghan, Vice Principal Cheeley and Mr. Leung through an interactive adventure, where the viewer will literally choose which direction Mr. D will take.  Should he go left? Should he duck right? Should he vanish into a supply closet to evade the dangers in his path? The viewer will be confronted with a rich –and hilarious– branching narrative that could lead just about anywhere. The entire adventure will play out online using cutting-edge technology that seamlessly marries video with decision-making opportunities resulting in dozens of different situations in hundreds of possible combinations.

Mr. D: Sick Day is produced by the CBC with Topsail Entertainment, utilizing technology by Interlude (http://interlude.fm), and with the support of the CMF.



arcticairThis season of ARCTIC AIR will feature an original documentary series highlighting how ARCTIC AIR is created. From creating forest fires with digital and practical effects to how a full airline is built and operated, the original series will highlight and de-construct key moments from each episode for the audience.

In addition, the season finale of ARCTIC AIR will be a transmedia storytelling event – an interactive Extended Episode, featuring a gripping plotline that takes place in parallel to the events on the TV screen, telling the other half of the complete story of ARCTIC AIR’s exciting season finale.

ARCTIC AIR Season II Interactive is produced by the CBC and Omnifilm Entertainment and Switch United (http://switchunited.com) with the support of the CMF


CRACKED: The Psych Crimes Unit Case Files

crackedInspired by the real life experiences of a Toronto Police Officer, CRACKED is a crime drama that follows Detective Sergeant Aidan Black and Psychologist Daniella Ridley as they investigate the most bizarre, baffling and odd crimes in the city.

Users can dig deeper into the world of CRACKED with the interactive case files, a fully functioning police database that allows users to get insight on each case through exclusive videos and crime scene evidence. Each week, new original material is added to the Psych Crimes and Crises database that allows users to go through detailed evidence to get a full look at each crime and the CRACKED minds behind them.

The CRACKED Psych Crimes Unit Case Files are produced by the CBC and White Pine Pictures, with the support of the CMF.


MURDOCH MYSTERIES: NIGHTMARE ON QUEEN STREET – A transmedia mystery extending the sixth season of Murdoch Mysteries on CBC.

murdockLaunching January 31. Part web series and part game, Nightmare on Queen Street is an original online MURDOCH MYSTERIES “episode” – an immersive, interactive six-week experience with video, audio, photos, documents and other evidence, punctuated with fun, challenging puzzles and cryptographic conundrums. Together, these elements combine to take the viewer through a pulse-pounding multi-chapter mystery where they step into the role as a consultant for Murdoch and the department, and race against the clock to save his life. With three possible outcomes, the experience concludes with viewers taking the clues they have gathered throughout their investigation and using them to identify the prime suspect in the case.

MURDOCH MYSTERIES: Nightmare on Queen Street is Co-produced by the CBC, Shaftesbury Films, and Smokebomb Entertainment with the support of the CMF


HEARTLAND: The Heartland Ranch social game

heartlandFinally, the Heartland Ranch social game experience has expanded again with the inclusion of two new mini-games. These activities offer a change of pace for fans wanting to engage in a more action-oriented experience, independent of the current ranch management and episodic story-driven activities the main game provides. The new games are modeled after real equestrian events: barrel racing and show jumping, and can be accessed from inside the current Heartland Ranch with outcomes directly affecting in-game currency and experience points. Players will have the opportunity to pick a variety of levels in each event, improve their horse’s abilities by training, and aim to beat their best scores.

The Heartland Ranch social game is produced by the CBC, OverInteractive Media and Seven24 Films, with the support of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

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