Alison RedfordYWCA Edmonton has been assisting and advocating for women for over 100 years.  A century ago young women arrived in our city in need of affordable and safe housing and the YWCA met that need.  Decades later, newly arrived immigrant women needed language training, and once again the YWCA addressed the need.  Most recently, the YWCA has identified the need to empower girls and young women so they see, seize and create opportunities for a secure future. Now you can be a part of this next great chapter in supporting women and girls in our community –  the YWCA Leadership Centre.

The YWCA is working to establish a Leadership Centre with programming that will serve young women and girls in Edmonton and area who are between the ages of 6-19.  Young girls face an increasingly difficult journey into adulthood.  When they start school they are more likely than boys to do well at school; however as time goes on their advantage is reduced by two societal factors – high rates of sexual assault and a sharp decline in mental health. The challenges the typical 14 year old girl faced 20 years ago are the challenges faced by 9 year old girls today.  As girls enter adolescence, their confidence declines sharply and they experience higher rates of depression.  Shockingly only one girl in five believes she has what it takes to lead.  Who better than the YWCA to help these girls beat the odds and become strong confident leaders?

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To further this important initiative, the YWCA is launching a speaker series called Leadership Defined that will address women’s leadership and help raise the funds required to launch the Leadership Centre.  Our inaugural event will feature Premier Alison Redford as the keynote speaker.  As Alberta’s first female Premier, Ms. Redford will give her personal perspective on leadership.  It will be a unique opportunity to hear from one of Canada’s most fascinating and engaging leaders at a cocktail reception on November 7, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at MacEwan University.   At that time you will not only hear from Premier Redford, you will also have an opportunity to learn more about the YWCA Leadership Centre.

Tickets for the event are $150 each that can be purchased online.

A charitable tax receipt will be issued for $130.