universities in the digital age CBC RadioFor those of you who missed the TedX Edmonton presentations on education on Saturday, October 13, and are interested in knowing how the internet  is impacting education around the world, you’ll be interested in listening to this podcast I caught on Michael Enright’s  Sunday Edition on September 9, 2012. Here’s the blurb for the program: “Imagine a virtual classroom with hundreds of thousands of participants who will never meet each other. The professor on a screen or, better still, behind one. Tests graded by other students. It sounds like a dystopian education nightmare. But in 2012, the future of the university has arrived. Radical change is in the air. From the pot bangers of Montreal to high-powered thinkers in Silicon Valley, the traditional model of the university is under attack.

The digital revolution – which has upended journalism, publishing, movies and music – is poised to storm the ivory tower. Under enormous financial pressure, and facing a strong push to “democratize” knowledge, the university is being asked to re-imagine itself. In question: the very nature and purpose of higher education, at a time when demand for it has never been greater.

Ira Basen – CBC’s virtual frontiersman – peers into the future and explores what’s at stake. His documentary is called The Big Disruption: Universities in the Digital Age.”