GWG: Piece by PieceRemember pearl‐snap Western shirts? How about Scrubbies jeans and denim jackets? George W. Groovy? Cowboy Kings? Red Straps? Take a trip down memory lane and relive the GWG story! Remember the slogans “Anything Goes” and “They wear longer, because they’re made stronger”? Or Wayne Gretzky’s declaration that “I grew up in GWGs”? GWGs have been a cultural icon in Canada since the company’s founding in 1911. Here, at long last, is the complete, lushly illustrated history of the Great Western Garment Company, whose products were staples for some generations and defined ‘cool’ for others.
This lavish book includes archival photographs, advertisements, product photos, and insights on the long history of this iconic Canadian company. Begun in Edmonton, GWG not only manufactured jeans, but also helped immigrant women
support their families, becoming a model of management and labour working collaboratively. GWG eventually became the largest workwear manufacturing company in Canada, providing different styles of work and leisure clothing for men, women, and children; and for the military during both world wars. Although Levis acquired the company in the 60s and 70s and closed the last factories in 2004, the GWG brand remains a part of pop culture. It is firmly fixed in the Canadian psyche and still holds a place in Canada’s heart.

About the Author
Catherine ColeCatherine C Cole is an Edmonton‐based arts and heritage consultant. Her exhibitions and publications deal with Western Canadian labour and social and industrial history. She is the project manager and guest curator of the virtual exhibitions Piece by Piece: The GWG Story and Before E‐Commerce: A History of Canadian Mail Order Catalogues and the author of Inventive Spirit: Alberta Patents from 1905‐1975.

Catherine C. Cole joins the Edmonton LitFest for a fantastic evening of literature and music! The Writers’ Cabaret is a rollicking evening of short readings and music, covering many genres and styles of  nonfiction. This is a fundraiser supporting the extraordinary work of the Centre for Family Literacy (CFL), which provides services that empower individuals and families to participate at any stage of their literary development.

Catherine will be joined by Alexis Kienlen, Curtis Gillespie, Elizabeth Withey, Shaun Hunter, Tim Caulfield, and Wayne Arthurson.

October 21, 2012
Headliner(s): Catherine C. Cole
Featured Titles: GWG
7:00 pm at The ARTery, 9535 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB
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