Culinaire MagazineCalgary has a new food and beverage magazine called Culinaire: Calgary’s Freshest Food & Beverage Magazine. They plan to publish 10 issues a year with each issue focused on a single main ingredient. Their first issue launched in May with the theme of Meat & Game and articles such as why Calgary is a prime destination for meat lovers and reviews of bold beers and beefy wines. The theme of the June issue is pasta, rice, grains and legumes, the July/August issue on seafood and their latest issue, September 2012 issue features a harvest theme with a special focus on locally grown fruits and vegetables. The wine section features wines that taste like fruit as well as fruity beers, ciders, and spirits made from grapes, along with cocktail recipes for South America’s most famous grape-based spirit, Pisco.


The September 2012 issue also takes a look at organic produce and a behind the scenes look at the Slow Movement. This harvest issue, also a time of year when children return to school and parents concern themselves with quick, nutritious and portable lunches  features two programs designed to teach young people how easy it is to make simple food at home: Epicurious Kids Cookery, designed for children aged three to thirteen the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the basic of how to prepare food, while Start from Scratch is a free program designed for post secondary students to learn how to cook for themselves and to become more aware of nutrition. The featured interviews in the issue include future chefs about why they entered the profession and the pros and cons of being a cookery teacher.

Culinaire Magazine and welcome letters from readers. They want to know your thoughts about the food and beverage scene in Calgary. Whether it’s a restaurant you were recently impressed with, a newly discovered bottle of something wonderful, or perhaps you have a recipe you’d like to share. Whatever it is, they want to hear from you. Who knows? You might find your words of culinary wisdom printed in a future issue

Linda Garson, Editor-in-Chief

Linda GarsonCulinaire’s editor, Linda Garson confesses to having always been a foodie with a passion for wine. She has worked with Chateaux in France, vineyards in Italy, Germany, Australia and South Africa and many more. After moving to Calgary, she created Vine and Dine, a wine and food pairing club held in restaurants all over the city. She has earned a reputation as one of Calgary’s prime wine and food experts, educators and influencers, speaking at functions all over the city. She has also just been appointed as Canada’s National Wine Examiner.


Mike Bilodeau, Artistic Director

Mark BilodeauArtistic Director, Mark Bilodeau began his career in publishing as a freelance photographer in 1998, shooting for local Calgary publications, including FFWD and Where Magazine. In 2001, he elected to go into business for himself and created VEX Magazine. He’s also taken on the role as a contributing editor/designer for Calgary’s only periodical focused on the automotive industry, AUTOLIFE Magazine, and he now brings his expertise to Culinaire’s table.


Stephanie Arsenault

Stephanie ArsenaultStephanie is a freelance writer and photographer, and the creator of food blog, She has been educated in journalism, photography, travel and tourism, and nutrition, and has her WSET ISG Wine Fundamentals certificate. When sheʼs not writing or taking photos, Stephanie can be found baking up a storm in the kitchen, hiking in the Rockies, or with a glass of craft beer in one hand and a fork in the other.

Wendy Brownie

Wendy BrownieAccessories designer, marketing person and shop owner of Inspirati Fine Linens, Wendy Brownie loves providing solutions for creating authentic and fun environments in home decor.  Having a passion for ‘threads’, Wendy’s travels take her to Europe to source a remarkable collection of linens and tableware. With a focus on innovative design and the needs of everyday living, she combines the joy of colour with the neutral palate resulting in an easy elegance for setting the table. In addition to sharing her knowledge of fine linens with those who are also ‘addicted to fabrics’, Wendy organizes cooking school trips to Spain and Italy in search of the perfect table. She is excited to share new concepts in mixing and matching with the Culinaire readership.

Dan Clapson

Dan ClapsonDan Clapson is a food writer and columnist based out of Calgary, Alberta. His array of published works covers everything from restaurant features and chef profiles to creating recipes and hands-on culinary experiences. In addition to writing for Avenue Magazine, Food Network Canada, Metro News, among others, Dan has spent time learning in the kitchen with some of the country’s top young chefs like Connie Desousa and Dale Mackay. He believes a true appreciation of food culture comes by experiencing food from all sides, which is reflected on his popular blog, Dan is currently in the process of filming his first web series, as well as penning a cookbook. While he’s not writing or eating, you can find him teaching university students how to cook through his non-profit cooking initiative, Start From Scratch. He only likes long walks on the beach if the end result is dining at a delicious restaurant.

Tom Firth

Tom FirthTom Firth is a freelance wine writer, wine consultant, wine judge, and a member of the National Tasting Panel reviewing wines for Wine Access Magazine, his work frequently appears in Wine Access, City Palate, and a few other publications along with his online content at and and others, he tweets as @cowtownwine and is a general nuisance around the office. If he ever gets to the point where he thinks he knows everything about wine, he plans to start a new career in interpretive dance.

Heather Hartmann

Heather HartmannHeather Hartmann was lucky to grow up around good food, with both farmers and restauranteurs in the family. She ate Caesar salad at the restaurant where it was invented at the age of eight, and it was all downhill from there. In spite of such a significant salad experience, she spent several years working in the cattle business, and has participated in several agricultural trade missions abroad. A writer by trade, she’s the Calgary restaurant columnist for A good German/Ukrainian, her consideration of garlic as a food group is understandable; her love for Mexican and southern food is not. You can reach her on Facebook and Twitter @DemocraticDiner.

Brenda Holder

Brenda HolderBrenda was born and raised in the Rockies in Jasper National Park and has spent a vast amount of time trekking from valley to valley. A Cree/Iroquois Métis, she is pleased to follow her lineage as a traditional Métis guide from the Kwarakwante of Jasper. Learning through research and talking with elders, traditions, which are a part of her heritage, have become a pleasure for her to share with others. Brenda has spent many years of her life with the plant people. Teachings from her grandmother, mother, aunts and other medicine people have led her down the path of traditional medicine. With a strong background and understanding in the world of science, she has blended her traditional knowledge with the modern world in a unique way that allows a deep respect for the plant medicine that surrounds us! Brenda offers walks, talks and experiential programs for groups and tourists at any time of the year!

Cory Knibutat

Cory KoyichA rookie journalist at the beginning of his food writing journey, but his love affair with food has been a life-long fling. He blames his mother for this for teaching him how to make scrambled eggs when he was still short enough to need a step-stool to look over the stove. Since then he’s always been curious to cook new foods and sample dishes from any culture. Having worked in restaurants since the age of 14, Cory translated his passion for food into his journalistic ambitions, not necessarily critiquing food but to meet the people who make it and find out what inspires them. He believes that everybody has a story to tell and there’s always something tasty to eat if you know where to look.

Patricia Koyich

Patricia KoyichIn August of 2000 Il Sogno opened as, what was considered at the time, a forward-thinking/cosmopolitan Italian dining room. Owner/Proprietaria, Patricia Koyich, tried to do everything differently. Introducing Calgarians to the ‘new’ Italy: the young generation of Italian food & beverage professionals. Combining that with the passion she has for being raised in Calgary: what she calls “one of the best cities in the world”, has given local Calgarians the chance to enjoy a world class restaurant right here in Calgary. Her ambition and desire for excellence in the food and beverage industry has brought many young chef’s, servers, and sommeliers through the doors of Il Sogno and has inspired them to make their own mark on the Calgary dining scene. Patricia is very active in the community, volunteering with many local organizations and helping with fund-raising activities, as well as Guest Speaker biannually to the new intake of SAIT Hotel & Restaurant Management/Entrepreneurial  students. Topics range from small business owner marketing trends to acquiring private investment and entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2012, she has been teaching in the Hotel & Restaurant Restaurant Program at SAIT.

Carmen Faye Mathes

Carmen Faye MathesCarmen is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of British Columbia. She often parlays her studies of aesthetics and taste into the world of food and wine, where her tasting notes wax poetic and her dinner parties based on abstract themes. Carmen’s personal blog, The Academic Romantic, is a rich resource featuring essays, book reviews, and interviews with contemporary Canadian poets.

Karen Miller

Karen MillerKaren is a lawyer by trade and this training gives her a knack for picking apart a recipe or a cookbook. Being a firm believer in keeping it simple she starts everything with the best ingredients possible. She will seek out farmers markets or food purveyors wherever she goes and all her religious experiences happen there. She proclaims to have been on the “know where your food comes from” bandwagon sooner than most. Always willing to go the extra mile to find a great product or skill and always willing to impart knowledge to absolutely anybody who asks. She is practical but creative, having taught many styles of cooking classes and was part of the Calgary Dishing girls (producing two cookbooks).

Meaghan O’Brien

Meaghan O'BrienMeaghan is a self-proclaimed beer enthusiast with a passion for hunting down and tasting the most unique brews out there. With an extensive background in the food and beverage industry she can now be found in Marketing, putting her project coordinating skills to work with a talented team of graphic designers. When not at her full time gig she enjoys escaping the city and dining with friends.

Silvia Pikal

Silvia PikalBorn in Sarajevo amidst the Bosnian War, Silvia managed to escape to Croatia on a cargo plane. Her family then immigrated to Canada. Growing up, her house was filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and savoury stews. Consequently, she developed an infectious love for food and is passionate about sharing healthy recipes. She has a personal food blog at Like Mother, Like Daughter, and is currently freelancing and finishing up her journalism degree.

Vincci Tsui

Vincci TsuiVincci is a Calgary-based registered dietitian who loves delicious food that nourishes. Vincci gets just as excited over breaking down the science of nutrition as she is trying a new dish or dining spot. She believes that good nutrition is about developing a positive relationship with food; she is passionate about helping people discover that healthy eating can be quick, easy and delicious, and that it’s perfectly OK to indulge in the occasional treat! Vincci is frequently called upon to provide expert advice on nutrition and food in print media and television. She has appeared on CityTV’s Breakfast Television and Global TV news, and has contributed to Calgary’s Child magazine. Vincci also shares recipes and restaurant reviews on her blog Ceci n’est pas un food, and is the food editor of Calgary is Awesome. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Calgary, Vincci received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from McGill University in Montreal and completed the university’s Integrated Dietetic Internship. She is registered with the College of Dietitians of Alberta and is an active member of Dietitians of Canada. When she’s not cooking, eating, or in front of the computer, Vincci can often be found at the gym, training for her next Muay Thai fight. She tweets about nutrition @VincciRD and everything else @VincciT.

Leonard Brown

Leonard BrownLeonard hails from South Africa, spoiled with exceptional wine, culturally diverse foods and horticultural magnificence. He became a master gardener at the Calgary Zoo in 2002 and soon realized that what was taken for granted in other countries, certainly had to be achieved with hard work, commitment, patience and passion in Calgary. Besides his complex perennial garden,he grows both fruits and vegetables, both in the garden and in a home-constructed greenhouse.He incorporates these in his food, always willing to try new varieties, and experiment with combining edibles from the garden with what he is preparing. Leonard is happy to share his knowledge and experience and hopes his contributions can complement the food and wine information presented in Culinaire.

Adrian Bryksa

Adrian BryksaAlways relevant and never compromising, his poignant observations and astute questions strive to answer the mythical query “What makes life taste good?” He is one of the voices behind YYC Wine and has freelanced for Wine Spectator (New York) and Good Bottle of Wine (London, England). He is married with two children.

Jeff Collins

Jeff CollinsJeff Collins is a retired Calgary broadcaster.  He is an avid target shooter and hunter. He is also an enthusiastic, if not entirely competent, cook.  Jeff Collins retired from a 30 year career with CBC Radio in the summer of 2009 and moved to the Village of Delia, Alberta. He has since been elected to Village Council and serves on numerous local boards devoted to keeping rural Alberta vibrant. He is an avid shooter and hunter and runs a small business dealing in firearms accessories.

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew FergusonAndrew Ferguson has been at Kensington Wine Market since 2003, where he is the In-house Single Malt Scotch expert and co-manager. Over the last decade Andrew has built Canada’s largest and most interesting collection of single malts and a reputation as one of Canada’s most trusted whisky experts. On April 11th 2011 Andrew was inducted into the Keepers of the Quaich, the first Canadian retail expert to be so honoured. The Keepers are an exclusive and very secretive organization founded to recognize those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the international success of Scotch whisky! In addition to buying and selling single malts, he writes a newsletter (The Malt Messenger) which is subscribed to by close to 5000 people, conducts tastings, teaches classes and operates a whisky tourism business. Since 2008 Andrew has been organizing and guiding premium whisky tours in Scotland ( He is also the President of a Calgary whisky club, The Companions of the Quaich, Calgary Chapter, which is in its 6th year. A native of Calgary, Andrew studied Military History at the University of Calgary. He spends much of his free time outdoors, and is especially fond of skiing, hockey, mountain biking and triathlon. In October 2010 and 2011 Andrew qualified for and competed in the Xterra (off-road triathlon) World Championships in Maui!”

Dan Hertz

Dan HertzDan Hertz is a USPAP-compliant fine wine appraiser, consultant and educator providing valuation, acquisition and collections management services for high net worth individuals and the trade. A noted wine and spirits columnist, the former sommelier has written more than 150 articles, syndicated an international wine and spirits column, co-authored a celebrity cookbook, judged internationally, and presented more than 50 classes, seminars and guided tastings. Currently, Dan is developing the fine wine exam for the Appraisers Association of America and spearheads The Fine Wine Report, providing market research and valuation insights into thepremium wine and spirits markets. His forthcoming book, The Fine Wine Report 2013, profiles the most collectable wines of the secondary auction markets. An avid technologist, Dan has launched several leading websites, including The Winery News Network: the largest wine directory on the Internet; and created a custom appraisal search engine that monitors and contains over 1.2 Million product reviews and wine price records. He is known for his expert palate, knowledgeable opinions, integrity and discretion; and is a trusted resource for individuals looking to invest in, collect, and enjoy the very best wines and spirits.

Corinne Keddie

Corinne KeddieCorinne Keddie is an architect with her own practice that specializes in spa, retail and hospitality projects. She was recently in New York to accept a PAVE Rising Star award for retail design.  When not busy designing (and sometimes while designing), she can often be found with a glass of wine in her hand, traveling the world (yes, more wine) and writing about restaurant and spa design.  She is also the Area Representative for the Opimian Society, which is the largest wine club in Canada and plans many great wine tasting events on their behalf.

Heather Kingston

Heather KingstonHeather received her International Sommelier Guild Diploma in November 2007. She has been busy ever since, sharing her passion for wine. Heather is an International Sommelier Guild instructor in Edmonton and Calgary and has her own private wine tasting company. Heather is the Alberta Liquor Store Association’s Wine and Spirit Educator, delivering education opportunities to the membership. She has recently moved from Edmonton to Calgary and is thrilled to be here.

Fred Malley

Fred MalleyHe started cooking at a tender age under grandma’s eye and has continued working with food throughout his life. Growing up on a farm developed an appreciation for home grown and good animal husbandry as a 4-H kid, with beef and sheep. Fred’s working career includes being a chef, food and beverage manager, educator, caterer, food stylist, author and technical writer. An alumnus of SAIT Polytechnic, he has instructed for over 30 years including curriculum development. He is currently tasked with validating Individual Learning Modules for Alberta Apprenticeship for the trade of Cook. In addition to an Honours Diploma from SAIT, he holds a degree in Adult Education from the U of A. Fred has been active with the Canadian Culinary Federation on various fronts. He chaired the Canadian Culinary Institute for five years, the body that certifies Chefs de Cuisine (CCC) and actively mentors and examines chefs across Canada. The Alberta Junior Chef Challenge is under his direction, as part of the Alberta Culinary Arts Foundation, which has afforded him the opportunity to work with Culinary Team Alberta for many years.  He collaborated with the Dairy Farmers of Canada in the creation of Fundamentals of Canadian Cheeses and Their Uses in Fine Cuisine. A dream was realized of creating a Canadian standard for cooking as an author for Pearson Education of On Cooking, A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals, which is in 5th edition Canadian and is integral to the training of almost 90% of cooks in Canada today.

Chef Thierry Meret

Chef TheirryAfter nearly 28 years working as a professional chef, it is Thierry’s passion for combining food and gastronomy with history and culture that makes him such an outstanding chef, teacher, and guide. His understanding of simple seasonal ingredients and classic French culinary techniques has earned him international recognition. For 10 years, in his own restaurant, he delighted clients by twisting local ingredients and French classics. Reservations for a Friday night at his “La P’tite Table” were made over a month in advance, and anxious patrons were never disappointed.  Thierry is trilled to be sharing his love of food and ingredients, and the rediscovery of his French heritage with small groups of clients in a week-long culinary journey through the heart of France’s unspoiled region of Périgord. Born in Orléans, in the Loire Valley of France, Thierry attended Cooking School in Paris, where he stayed for several years to hone his skills in Michelin starred restaurants and local Parisian brasseries.  The Hilton Group allowed him to start his international career, first at their prestigious Kensington location in London England, and then Toronto to head up their fine dining restaurants.  He eventually settled in Calgary as the executive Chef of La Chaumiere. Recipient of the prestigious La Chaine des Rotisseurs dinner award with honorable distinction in 1996, Thierry opened La P’tite Table, a unique destination restaurant in the Foothills where he was both chef and owner.  For the past 5 years, he shared his passion with students as a culinary instructor in the Professional Cooking Program at SAIT, a Calgary based polytechnic, where he inspired budding new talent.(

BJ Oudman

BJ OudmanBJ Oudman is a physical therapist by trade, owning a health care clinic in downtown Calgary for 14 years before selling it three years ago. She decided in her semi-retirement at the age of 40 to pursue her passion in food and wine. She has a Level 2 certification through the International Sommelier Guild. She has been an investor in the private wine market as well as advising her own group of  clients. She travels the world when she has time between consulting in both physical therapy and wine. She has visited most of Western Europe, Turkey, Morocco, Asia and the western States. She is also very active in fitness. In fact, when running the Oregon Wine Country ½ marathon 2 years ago she loved the area so much she bought a second home in the heart of the Portland just to enjoy the full food and wine culture there! She is excited to share her experiences with others through Culinaire!

Julie Van Rosendaal

Julie Van RosendaalJulie Van Rosendaal is the food and nutrition columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One, co-host of It’s Just Food on the OWN television network, the author of five best-selling cookbooks, food editor of Parents Canada Magazine and a freelance writer, contributing to local, national and international publications. She’s a columnist for the popular website, and writes and is the photographer for her award-winning food blog,, which documents real life in her home kitchen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, Mike, and 6 year old son, Willem.

Peter Vetsch

Peter VetschPeter is a local lawyer by day and wine writer by night, pursuing his vinous passion by writing for city-life website Calgary Is Awesome and maintaining his own wine blog at He has earned his formal wine accreditation through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), where he recently obtained both his Intermediate and Advanced Certificates with Distinction, and he is always on the lookout for the next way to learn about and experience wine (and the next good bottle to try). A proud father, Peter is thrilled to be part of the Culinaire team and eager to help feed the growing appreciation of wine and wine culture in Calgary.

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