Jasper Fitzhugh Alberta NewspaperIn the summer of 2005, a group of friends gathered with the idea of creating an independent, locally-owned newspaper that would represent the needs, issues and ideas of their community. They believed the community of Jasper was ready to be represented by a locally-owned, politically-independent weekly paper. At that time, Sun Media was publishing the Jasper Booster, a weekly newspapers published in Jasper since 1963. The result of the efforts to publish a locally-owned weekly newspaper is the Fitzhugh. The goal of the Fitzhugh is to present news and comment that is timely and reflects readers’ values and lives. At the Fitzhugh you’ll find fresh and innovative reporting from our energetic and qualified staff.

The name Fitzhugh was chosen for many reasons. Jasper was originally known as Fitzhugh, named after a vice-president and general manager of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and their goal was to connect the past with the future and beyond. They wanted to incorporate the years of rail history which have contributed to the physical formation of Jasper as well as representing the people that worked so hard to expand the west.

In March 2009, Sun Media ceased publishing the Jasper Booster,  leaving the market to the Fitzhugh alone.

The Fitzhugh is edited by Daniel Betts and distributes 4100 free copies weekly during the peak season of May – September from over 95 locations in Jasper. Their distribution during the fall and winter months of November – April is 3100 weekly. With seven years of growth, experience and change behind them, their award winning newspaper continues to strives to meet their goal in providing relevant and current news to the regional area of which the Fitzhugh covers.

As of April 2012 The Fitzhugh was sold by The Jasper Media Group to Aberdeen Publishing Limited Partnership, a division of Postvue Publishing, publisher of Vue Magazine in Edmonton.

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