Alberta Podcast CJSRCJSR Radio’s June 2012 Podcast “The CJSR Edition”  follows up on the announcement that three Postmedia outlets in Canada, including the Edmonton Journal, the Calgary Herald and the Ottawa Citizen suspended the production of their Sunday paper as of July 1, 2012. The 60 minute podcast weaves a picture of the contemporary landscape and the future prospects of print media in Canada with the help of interviews with the Edmonton Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief, Lucinda Chodan, Carleton University’s Director of Journalism and Communications Christopher Waddell, Karen Unland, project coordinator of the Edmonton Journal’s media lab program and Paul Blinov, arts and film editor for Edmonton’s alternative weekly newspaper, Vue Magazine.


The podcast opens with an interview with Linda Chodan who explains the reasons behind the decision to suspend the publication of the Journal’s Sunday edition and the TV Times along with her view of the future of news gathering and reporting. Up next is Chris Waddell, from Carleton University. He focuses on the future of journalism and the need for journalists to learn to tell stories differently using multimedia —  text, images, video, and audio.  Karen Unland, former editor of the University of Alberta’s student newspaper, the Gateway and then with the Edmonton Journal for the past fifteen years, discusses such things as the value proposition of pay walls for online content, the role of  journalists, user generated content, legacy news organizations and social media in news gathering, reporting and dissemination on multiple platforms. The podcast concludes with comments by Vue Weekly’s Paul Blinov who suggests, amongst other interesting viewpoints, that weekly newspapers are better positioned to provide the local content than daily newspapers and large broadcast organizations.

Special thanks to Mack Male of Mastermaq for drawing my attention to this podcast.