Alberta food (which stands for the Not Entirely Arbitrary Review of Food), is a food blog published by Iain Illich, mediamedia editor at the Calgary Herald. The blog is focused on “the stuff you actually eat, the grub you grab between epic five-course meals” with updates promised every Monday. The first post appeared on November 2010, while he was the restaurant critic for Edmonton’s Vue Weekly. Not your normal highfalutin food blog, categories include: Arbitrary, Food (e.g. Candy, Chewing Gum, Junk Food), Gear, How Tos and Recipes. His latest posting of June 18, 2012, is a review of Cadbury BiscBits: Honeycomb Crunch, purchased at the  British Pantry, a UK Import Shop, obviously one of his favourite haunts in Calgary.

In addition to his work with the Calgary Herald, Iain’s writing has appeared in newspapers across the country including the National Post, the Edmonton Journal, the Montreal Gazette and the Vancouver Sun. Iain has also written for magazines like Dose, Where and This Magazine, and for popular men’s lifestyle website He spent time as a restaurant critic at Vue Weekly, Edmonton’s independent arts weekly, where he learned to enjoy being paid money to eat things. He has also contributed nationally syndicated radio pieces to CBC Radio, the public broadcaster in Canada.

If you’re a PR person with a company looking for a product review, interested in purchasing advertising, sharing a food tip or commenting on his blog (which he cautions is moderated), you can get in touch with him using the contact form on the blog or via at Twitter @nearof.