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Mack Male aka

I had the good fortune to sit with Mack Male (aka Mastermaq), Graham Hicks and Cheryl Croucher at the media table at the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize Gala last night. Both Graham and Cheryl hired me in the past for private training on blogging and social media, intensive sessions I won’t soon forget. You know what they say about how keen adult learners are, once they set their mind to it. They both set a high water mark. Mack is a blogger extraordinaire and an around enthusiast/promoter of all things Edmonton, especially at the municipal political level. He shares many of my interests, attends every major event in Edmonton and posts photos and writes about these events on his blog. I was at the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize event to support the finalists for the awards who had participated in the “Pitch Your Story to the Media” workshop I’ve been contracted to provide to the nominees by TEC Edmonton for the past four years.

By the time you read this post, Mack will likely have his post up about the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize awards so you can see what he had to say about it at . While you’re there, you might want to check out Mack’s very thorough analysis of the April 23, 2012 provincial election. If you read through the article, you’ll discover something that I didn’t know about Mack until last night. He has a computer degree, lived in the North West Territories for most of his childhood and enjoys solving mathematical challenges with web-based tools. I already knew he was a citizen activist.

Here’s his first paragraph from Mack’s April 26, 2012 post on the provincial election…

Like many Albertans, I in have spent a significant amount of time over the last month paying attention to the election! Reading about the candidates, following all the drama, and spending lots of time with the #abvote hashtag on Twitter. As the candidates were making one final push over the weekend before the election, I decided to build a results dashboard. I like a good challenge and enjoyed building it, but it was especially rewarding to see that it proved to be quite popular too! In this post I’ll tell you a little about how and why I built the website, and what I learned from it. See the rest of Mack’s post.

Check out Graham Hicks’ take on the results of the 2012 Alberta Provincial Election. He claims that a big reason why Redford and the Alberta PCs won the election was because of the youth vote and her campaign team’s effective use of social media.

If you’re interested, check out the finalists for the 2012 TecEdmonton Venture Prize finalists. The winners were: Parvus Therapeutics in the Nano Technology Category;  Innovative Trauma Care in the Fast Growth Category; and Orpyx Medical Technologies in the Student Venture Prize category. If you want more information on the Awards or TEC Edmonton, contact Erik Einseidel, Communications Coordinator at TEC Edmonton at 780-248-5886. Also an interesting companion at the media table at the awards last night.

Second place prize in the Nano Technology Category was awarded to Aquila Diagnostics for their domino-sized “laboratory on a chip” technology. To help David Alton, President of Aquila, explain their technology to the media (and to potential investors) during the media training workshop, we determined that his media pitch would focus only on the size of the chip, speed of diagnostics, and the much lower costs compared to other diagnostic alternatives. Here’s some interviews David had with the media after our training session:

Here’s Aquila’s  interview with Lewis Kelly of the Edmonton Journal on April 28.

This is what David Alton had to say about his participation in the media training workshop I gave to the Venture Prize finalists on April 10, 2012:

I got a lot out of the media training session. It was especially helpful to work one-on-one with you. It’s one thing to think and talk about how to appear comfortable, confident and compelling in a media interview. It’s quite another to see for yourself how you come across during the interviews on camera you conducted during the workshop. I saw a big improvement in my presentation as the workshop progressed. When I saw myself in the promotional video that was produced on our behalf for the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize Award, I wished I had taken your workshop first. I would have known what to do with my hands.

David Alton
Aquila Diagnostics
April 27, 2012

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