Creative Alberta ConferenceFor three days in May, Alberta’s most innovative business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and artists will join internationally known speakers, creativity advocates and education pioneers in an immersive, experiential conference like no other, as they work together to build a more Creative Alberta. Listen to speakers from NASA, the Lincoln Centre, Harvard and more explore the “why” of creativity in unique rapid-fire presentations. Explore practical ways to make creativity blossom in our businesses, schools and communities, while working together to solve Alberta’s most signficant creative challenges. Create specific ways that business leaders and educators can work together to build a more creative Alberta.  May 15 – Day One – 7:00pm to 10:00pm, May 16 – Day Two – 8:30 am–5:00 pm, May 17 – Day Three – 8:30 am–12:30 pm. Some more information about the Alberta Creativity Conference speakers and register. From the Creative Alberta website:

  • CreativeAlberta is a province-wide non-profit organization that encourages and supports creativity in the multiple arenas of Culture, Commerce and Education.
  • CreativeAlberta recognizes that creativity must become an overarching and essential mindset for Albertans in order for us to thrive economically and socially in the 21st Century.
  • CreativeAlberta welcomes and seeks collaborations and partnerships with local, Provincial, and private entities within Alberta that share the same goals.
  • CreativeAlberta strives to become affiliated with national and international associations that encourage and support creativity.
  • CreativeAlberta is pursuing designation as the second North American recognized by the International Districts of Creativity.  This is a distinction sought by cities and regions around the world.

Creative Alberta’s goals are:

  • To empower all Albertans to develop their capacities for creativity and innovation.
  • To facilitate the growth of an entrepreneurial economy that will stimulate new careers, companies and industries.
  • To facilitate the further development of world-class cultural and educational opportunities.
  • To establish Alberta as a world-renowned centre of creativity and innovation in commerce, culture and education.

Creative Alberta  seeks to:

  • Help to promote new opportunities for creativity and innovation at all levels – in education, government, the work place and in the daily lives of all Albertans.
  • A commitment from stakeholders for continuous process through dialogue, strategy, implementation and expansion.
  • Support and funding for immediate and longer-term (five year) planning to implement strategies in the areas of education, culture, and commerce, including ongoing representation in the IDOC as an international member.

For more information contact:

Dr. Haley Simons,