College of Integrated Philosophy Edmonton

College of Integrated Philosophy Edmonton

John de Ruiter is an Edmonton-based Canadian philosopher and author whose thoughts have reached and influenced thousands of people. He teaches through public question-and-answer meetings held at his College of Integrated Philosophy also referred to as the Oasis Centre at 10930 – 177 Street in Edmonton, Canada, and in city and university lecture halls in many countries around the world. Meetings at the College are held on Mondays and Fridays, at the beginning and end of the working week, with an afternoon and evening meeting on Sundays throughout the year, except during a five-week break in the Summer, when John de Ruiter takes a vacation.


John de Ruiter was born on November 11th 1959, one of two boys and two girls raised by Dutch immigrant parents in the town of Stettler, Alberta, Canada. While still a boy he was taught shoe repair by his father, who was one of a long line of fine shoemakers from De Bildt in the Netherlands. From this experience he began his philosophical explorations which resulted in him building the College for Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton.

The College also holds International Seminars four times annually which many travel regularly to attend from overseas. The College website provides details of John de Ruiter’s seminars abroad, together with details of attendance fees for regular College meetings and seminars, as well as those abroad, held principally in European Union and Australian cities.

The designed high-ceilinged spaciousness of the College’s balconied auditorium in Edmonton, with finely balanced acoustics, marble entrance hall and deep blue patterned carpeting, creates an environment where people are disposed to relax, think more freely and make far-reaching connections of thought. In natural harmony with this the procedures in meetings have been developed over several years in a refining quest to encourage a way of being in the audience where the formation, expression, and exchange of deepest thought flourishes.

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