Jill Belland, On Location Host for CityTV's Breakfast Television Calgary Every morning Jill Belland dishes up a serving of Breakfast Television to Citytv audiences from the lively streets of Calgary. As BT Calgary’s On-Location Host, Jill can be seen scaling buildings with firefighters, feeding bats at the Zoo, and pole dancing her way to morning show glory. The excitement of performing, fast deadlines and having the opportunity to tell people’s unique stories, drove Jill towards a career in television. Jill got her start at Citytv by pouring coffee on the morning show after graduating from the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communications and Culture with a concentration in Media Studies. Her hard working attitude earned her a job as a production assistant for the News Department. Jill has also delivered daily entertainment news segments on MTV Canada and was the host of Wired before returning to Citytv and joining the Breakfast Television gang as their On Location Host.

Jill is a trained singer, dancer and actress with a big passion for the arts. Her long list of accomplishments include an AMPIA (Alberta Media Production Industries Association) for “Best Host” in 2009 and 2010; being named one of the “Top 10 Hottest Women on Television” by HELLO! Magazine Canada; and being named “Favourite TV Personality” and “Sexiest Calgarian” by FFWD Magazine in 2010. Also high on Jill’s list of accomplishments was singing the national anthem as a Calgary Stampeeder in front of 35,000 hometown fans.

Most recently Jill has taken her talents to the stage in productions like “The Full Monty” and “Man Out of Joint”. Jill is also passionate about charitable organizations and is actively involved with Kids Cancer Care Foundation, Inn from the Cold, Safe Haven Foundation, Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and Breast Cancer Supportive Care to name a few.