Garage Shots Magazine EdmontonGarageShots is a new Edmonton-based quarterly magazine dedicated to the art and style of hot rods and custom cars. Published by professional photographer Darren Greenwood, written and edited by Jeff Day, designed by Hot Nik Creative and printed by McCallum Printing, the 72 page premiere issue features three cars: a 1931 Ford Model A coupe, a 540-cubic-inch 1970 Chevrolet El Camino, and a 2008 GMC Sierra pickup with a Cadillac Escalade front end. Ten pages of the magazine’s first issue are devoted to the art of hood ornaments. Future issues promise to include race cars, motorcycles and trucks. Check out the digital version of the premiere issue.


GarageShots is on sale at Chapters and independent bookstores for $7.95 and available from the publisher’s website.