Digital AlbertaDigital Alberta engaged in one of the industry’s most exciting discussions at the State of the Digital Publishing Industry on March 28, 2012 with notable panelists, Guy Huntingford, CEO and Publisher of the Calgary Herald and Doug Lacombe, Communications specialist and founder of communicatto.  Panelists were hosted by President of Digital Alberta, Michelle Sklar who moderated the panel. The panelists gave their perspectives on the current state of the publishing landscape, challenges publishers and other content creators face, Citizen Journalism and what the future of publishing looks like. What was clear was the importance of recognizing that publishers need to publish for a broad range of audiences, and that going where there are eyeballs is key to connecting with readers.

Content is being consumed across a multitude of devices and smart publishers recognize they have to produce and deliver content across all device types. To that end, mobile is a key part of the digital publishing mix. Digital has allowed publishers to cover more content categories as well as ensure that content is relevant and timely. One of the biggest challenges is getting advertisers to understand the value and targeting opportunities of digital advertising. There was considerable discussion about Citizen Journalism and the balance of responsibility and accountability of news reported and commentary based on facts vs opinion. Audience questions included how social networks and other online news sources are democratizing the Internet or are they just creating more noise? And finally how much is video being used in digital publishing and how versatile are the journalists to incorporating digital mediums into their news and story telling methods.

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