CBCAt this pivotal moment in our history, Canadians are coming together to “Reimagine the CBC” to help it connect Canadians and realize the opportunities of a digital era.The Reimagine CBC community’s ideas are from the heart, distinctly Canadian and often inspiring. But just as a community is coming together around new opportunities for the CBC, a few MPs have singled out the CBC for severe cuts in the impending budget. These cuts threaten many key CBC services, like those in rural and remote regions, and they will damage our digital economy. We have to let the government know that these severe cuts are unacceptable. They will destroy the opportunity for the CBC to connect all Canadians with new ideas and services that can stop us from falling behind in a new era of news and culture.

Local volunteers will deliver your messages to the offices of key Conservative MPs next week before the budget to show them that Canadians want to keep Canada connected and stop severe cuts to the CBC. Many Canadians have been doing great work to show our MPs that we value good public media.

It’s time we added our voices at this crucial moment to make sure they know that there will be a political cost for damaging our news, our culture and our digital future. Please give them the signatures they need to make a big impression. This is urgent—your support for the CBC needed NOW!

Please add your voice!

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Jim Flaherty
Minister of Finance
Government of Canada
I oppose severe cuts to the CBC. We need good public media to keep Canada connected. The
proposed cut of $110 million represents the majority of the cost of providing CBC radio, and much
more than the current budget for all of CBC’s digital programming. This dramatic cut is harsher
than the budget cuts facing many other departments, and it will damage our news, our culture and
our digital economy.

Nycole Turmel
Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party

Elizabeth May
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada

See her initiative to save the CBC

Mr. Laurie Hawn
Edmonton Centre, Alberta
House of Commons
Ottawa Ontario

Louis Plamondon
Parliamentary Leader
Bloc Québécois

Bob Rae
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada