Alberta Magazine Awards 2012The Alberta Magazine Awards has announced the finalists for their annual awards to be presented at the Alberta Magazine Excellence Gala, on Thursday March 22 at the Carriage House Inn in Calgary, as a celebration of the Alberta magazine industry. The awards run in conjunction with the annual Alberta Magazines Conference this year from March 22 – 24, 2012 in Calgary. Congratulations to all of the finalists and nominees!

Showcase Awards Finalists:

For the Showcase Awards, AMPA member magazines and their contributors submitted entries in seven categories. Showcase entries were evaluated by either a design or editorial judging panel.

(in alphabetical order)

Best Alberta Story 

  •    Alberta Views – The Long View by Shannon Phillips
  •    Eighteen Bridges – Bearing Witness by Chris Turner
  •    Eighteen Bridges – Under the Veil by Omar Mouallem

Best Short Editorial

  •   New Trail – Parrhesia and Rhubarb by Aritha van Herk
  •   Western Living – School of Fish by Tyee Bridge
  •   Western Living – Haida Five-0 by Masa Takei

Best Feature Design

  • Alberta Venture – Up, Up and Away by Kim Larson, art director
  • Avenue (Edmonton) – Comic Stripped by Susan Meingast, art director; Josh Holinaty, illustrator; Aaron Pedersen, photographer
  • Western Living – 40th Anniversary Issue by Randall Watson

Best Cover

  • Alberta Oil – Innovators by Nature by Kim Larson, art director; Bluefish Studio, photographer; Darren Campbell, editor; Jeff Lewis, senior editor
  • Avenue (Calgary) – October by Anders Knudsen, art director; Jared Sych, photographer
  • Western Living – 40th Anniversary Issue by Clinton Hussey

Best Photo   

  • Alberta Venture – After the Inferno by Curtis Trent, photographer; Kim Larson, art director
  • Conservation – Under the Wire by Paul F. Jones
  • Western living – Paul Sangha by John Sinal

Best Illustration

  • Alberta Oil – Due Diligence by Dushan Milic, illustrator; Kim Larson, art director
  • Alberta Oil – Beast of Burden by Michael Byers, illustrator; Kim Larson, art director
  • Alberta Views – The Boogeyman and the Wolf by Byron Eggenschwiler

Best Digital Presence

  • Avenue (Calgary) by Kathe Lemon, Jennifer Hamilton, Jaelyn Molyneux, Laura Fetherstonhaugh, Todd Andre, Tony Charron
  • up! Magazine by Diana Ng, Deb Cummings, Lynda Sea, Mandy Savoie
  • Wine Access by Allison McNeely, Tom Firth, Shelley Boettcher

Achievement Awards Nominees:

The nominees for Achievement Awards have been recognized by their peers as having made a significant contribution to Alberta’s magazine publishing industry.

(in alphabetical order)

Best New Magazine

  • apple Magazine, Apple Health Services
  • Hers, Calgary Herald
  • Urban Infant, Gryphon Publishing
  • WE Magazine, Venture Publishing, on behalf of United Way

Editor of the Year

  • Terry Bullick – apple Magazine
  • Steven Sandor – Avenue (Edmonton)
  • Jennifer Schmidt-Rempel – Lethbridge living
  • Chris Welner – Impact Magazine
  • Jim Zang – Okotoks Living

Volunteer of the Year

  •  Bobbi Beatty – Other Voices
  •  Marcia McLean – Other Voices
  •  Hanna Nash – Other Voices
  •  Kayla Nash – Lethbridge living

Achievement in Publishing

  • Elaine Kupser
  • Sherry Shaw-Froggatt
  • Merla Thomson

The winners of all Showcase and Achievement Awards will be announced March 22, 2012 at the Alberta Magazine Excellence Gala as part of the Alberta Magazines Conference.