Alberta Magazine Awards 2012The Alberta Magazine Awards will be presented at the Alberta Magazine Excellence Gala, March 22 at the Carriage House Inn in Calgary, as part of the 2012 Alberta Magazines Conference. This is a celebration of you or someone you know in the Alberta magazine industry, featuring Showcase Awards (new digital category!) and Achievement Awards, cash prizes, plus all that glorious glory — and they need your submissions before January 31, 2012.

Showcase Entry Criteria

  • All entries will be evaluated by a specially selected judging panel of industry professionals for:
  • creativity and originality
  • appropriateness for target audience
  • ability to engage readers
  • overall impact

Best Alberta Story

A story with a distinctly Alberta subject, flavour, and flair. This can be broadly interpreted, but examples include: a profile of a prominent or interesting Alberta person, place, or business; stories about Alberta’s cultural and economic scene; stories told from a distinctly Albertan perspective.

  • quality of writing; engaging voice and style

Best Short Editorial

  • quality of writing; engaging voice and style
  • 1000 words or less.

Best Feature Design

  • Use of compelling imagery and graphic elements.
  • Imagery and graphic elements work creatively and engagingly to support the story narrative.

Best Cover

  • Use of compelling imagery.
  • Creative synergy among imagery and textual elements.

Best Photo

  • A compelling and unique photo that works in the magazine context.

Best Illustration

  • A compelling and unique illustration that works in the magazine context.

Best Digital Presence (NEW!)

  • An online publication or magazine companion website that demonstrates high editorial standards and effective use of the digital medium to reach and engage the intended audience.
  • Demonstrates best practices in navigation and architecture; interactivity, including use of social media or mobile apps; excellent content and outstanding design; and, if applicable, integration with print publication

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