Hot 107 FM Radio EdmontonIn a media release dated December 21, 2011 Harvard Broadcasting announced they had received approval from the CRTC to purchase HOT 107FM in Edmonton at the request of John Yerxa, due to health issues. HOT 107 signed on in Edmonton on October 6, 2009 with a CHR format and has quickly established a strong presence in the Edmonton market. The release points out that “Edmonton is one of Canada’s largest English-language radio markets and is extremely competitive, 30 radio stations are licensed to serve the city, including 16 mainstream commercial radio stations. The acquisition brings together the two remaining stand alone commercial stations allowing them to better compete on both a local and national level.” Although health circumstances factored into my decision to sell,” said John Yerxa, “in selecting Harvard, I truly believe I am doing what is best for my staff and the local Edmonton radio market”.

Harvard is a western Canadian based, independent regional radio broadcaster.  Over the past 5 years, Harvard has expanded its operations from its home base in the province of Saskatchewan into Alberta.  Currently Harvard operates 6 radio stations in Saskatchewan and 4 stations in Alberta, including Lite 95.7FM an Adult Contemporary station in Edmonton.

For more details contact
Cam Cowie – 403-692-1820
Sarah Gardener
Promotions & Marketing Director
Lite 95.7 – Edmonton’s Lite Christmas Favourites
Edmonton, Alberta
Direct: (780) 391-3853

John Yerxa has strong support in the Edmonton community as evident in comments from members of the Puget Sound Radio forum such as from Justin”

I’m so sorry to hear about John’s failing health. I’d heard he has Melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. He apparently underwent an operation once it was diagnosed earlier this year. Everything appearred to be ok until this fall when the condition reappeared requiring another operation. John is not well and needs our prayers.

HOT 107 was John’s pride and joy and his decision to sell the station was anything but an easy one, yet his doctors recommended it was time.

The sale to Harvard really doesn’t surprise me. After reading the press release I can clearly see that decision was his alone. Keep the big boys out and enhance the stand-alones. I know for a fact he could have doubled or even tripled the amount of the sale had he sold it to one of the corporates in central Canada. John is not a greedy man.

I detest the rumour mill on another site, accusing him of selling out, that is anything but the truth and for anyone even suggesting such a thing, I say Shame on You! You have no idea what you’re talking about.

John Yerxa is the real McCoy when it comes to honesty and integrity and is one of the finest radiomen I’ve ever known. Get well Mr. Yerxa, and please get back in the game again. We need more people like you in this Industry. You’re one of a kind!

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With the surprising gift of Hot 107 from Yerxa, and their pending application for a new FM radio station in Calgary to be heard by the CRTC at public hearings to be held in Calgary later this year, Harvard Broadcasting is going to have a busy 2012.