Scott Fee Global Morning News CalgaryScott Fee joined the Global Calgary Morning News crew on November 9. Born and raised in Vancouver Scott has been a top tier anchor at Victoria’s CHEK-TV for about five years.  View Scott Fee’s inaugural broadcast during which he describes his connection to Edmonton and now Calgary.  According to Global’s website, “his career has taken him all around Western Canada, with stops in Kamloops, Vancouver, Edmonton and most recently Victoria. Scott has performed in a wide range of roles since jumping into broadcasting with stints as a producer, videographer, reporter, and over the last several years, an anchor for various stations. When not on the golf course or trying to get his mutt enough exercise, Scott loves to travel. Favourite travel spots of late: Costa Rica, the Arctic and Berlin”.

Shelley Youngblutt, formerly editor of Calgary Herald’s Swerve Magazine is now western editor for the Globe and Mail. The Canadian Magazine’s website reports that “It’s a blow to freelancers who found her eager for and open to new ideas, perhaps one of the principal reasons that Swerve won so many editorial awards.  As one writer told us:

The Canadian Magazine’s website reports this as “an incredible loss for Swerve and the Calgary Herald. Hard to overstate, really. She’s so well-respected here, and has done so much for magazines not only in Calgary, but in western Canada. I always say she’s the best editor I’ve worked with, and I mean it. She simply lets writers and artists do what they’re best at, and gives them the space to do it.

Swerve, is a weekly supplement to the Herald, has a circulation of 110,000 and is quite unlike any such publication in Canada, in format, approach and regard. In December, it launched, an ambitious online extension of the magazine. Under Youngblut’s direction, the magazine has received over 100 national, regional and international award nominations, winning 53 times; in its first year of publication (2004), it was named best new magazine and magazine of the year at the Western Magazine Awards. Youngblut herself was given a lifetime achievement award by the WMAs. Read more about Shelley Youngblutt.

Susan Knight formerly of SUN FM in Kelowna is now the afternoon host from 4 to 9pm at Up! 97.7FM Calgary.

Jeff Brown and Sarah Crosbie full the morning slot at left by the departure of Terry Dimote and Tim Morgan at Q107/Calgary. Dimonte is exiting the station after working out the remainder of his contract to return to Montreal to take over mornings at Astral Media’s rock station CHOM. Jeff And Sarah are inbound from Rogers Media Active Rock CIKR (K-Rock 105.7)/Kingston, On, although they, too, must work out the rest of their present contract which,  a post on Puget Sound Radio, speculates means that will not be on the air in Calgary until late Spring.

Rick Harp and Lydia Neufeld are the new hosts of Edmonton AM, CBC Edmonton’s local morning show airing weekdays 6-8:30am on CBC Radio One (93.9FM/740AM).  Rick comes to CBC Edmonton from his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is eager to take on this new role. In fact, ” I’m excited to share the stories and perspectives of this dynamic city, while helping to present up-to-the-minute news, weather, traffic, and sports to Edmontonians. Rick brings almost two decades of broadcasting, communications, and production experience to his new role. During his career, he’s worked as a radio host/producer for Urban Nation Live, as editor-in-chief of, (an on-line magazine of interactive Indigenous insight) and hosted a show on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Rick has also served as artistic director for the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, and is a published author and an avid social media user.

Lydia Neufeld joins Rick at host of Edmonton AM. She has been a valuable part of the CBC Edmonton newsroom since 1988.  She finds herself in familiar territory on Edmonton AM, as she also co-hosted the show fifteen years ago. Since that time Lydia has worked mainly as a CBC Radio reporter but she has also guest-hosted Radio Active, and honed her writing skills as a writer/photo editor for When required, Lydia was always quick to slap on a bit of lipstick for a television report. Lydia first joined CBC in Calgary during the 1988 Winter Olympics. She also worked in private radio in Calgary and various locations in British Columbia before setting down roots in Edmonton. Outside of work, Lydia is married, and the mother of three teenagers. She’s an avid runner (which she says helps to deal with the stress of having three teenagers!), and has recently discovered hot yoga, which she hopes will help to preserve her knees for many more years of running.