AMPIA logoThe Alberta Media Production Industry Association (AMPIA) in partnership with Digital Alberta offers an exclusive two-day event to learn, discuss and collaborate on the convergence of digital media with conventional film and television. Narrative story telling has many platforms to engage audiences – film, television, online, mobile, gaming and social networks. This event will bring together content creators, producers, service providers, technologists and story tellers. Topics will address understanding the landscapes and how to navigate the terrains for both the digital media and film and television industries; legal issues around intellectual property and copyright laws, and fund-development strategies from both the public and private sector. Attendees will learn from case studies on interactive content and multi-platform media delivery channels as well as connect through “speed-dating” for creative and business collaboration. This intense 2-day workshop will feature speakers from across the film, television and digital media ecosystems. Early bird rate of $210 ends November 18. See more and regster.