Walter Schwabe Sherwood ParkEdmonton born, raised and educated Walter Schwabe is Alberta’s answer to Mitch Joel, my number one ranked social media go to person based in Canada who in turn is the answer to Seth Godin, my number one social media go to person based in the US. Walter now calls Sherwood Park home and his production studio FusedLogic TV.  You can read more about FusedLogicTV in another post. If you want to read more about Walter Schwabe, read on. 

Walter was born in Edmonton in 1970 and attended J Percy Page high school and then Harry Ainley. He admits to having a leaning towards entrepreneurship all his life, beginning while working for his father’s businesses. Walter’s first start up was a t-shirt company which led him to work at Peter Pocklington’s Club Fit franchise. After a couple of years in sales, he suffered a car accident and was unable to work. After a year he recovered his health and his career as the Sales Manager for Strathcom Media in Edmonton. Between the things he learned by working for his father, his experience with own start up and sales at Club Fit, Walter learned the ropes well enough to start up his second business and Fused Logic was born.

My initial purpose for setting up Fused Logic was so I could figure out how streaming media worked. I wanted to learn how to compress video and distribute it to cell phones and other mobile apps. When I learned that the technology was only available in South Korea and Israel and that it would take at least $10 million dollars to start up the service in Alberta, I decided to take another approach the result of which is the launch of FusedLogicTV.

The advantage that Walter has that other web developers are not likely to have is the benefit of sales and marketing experience. He put this experience to work for the Business Development Bank of Canada during which he completed twenty or more marketing and web development contracts. That led to his experience working with venture capitalists.

Then he began to formulate a business model for content publishing. He entered the world of social media in 2004. His first blog post came in 2005, his first Twitter post in 2006.

In 2006 I signed up for a Twitter account but thought it somewhat irrelevant to my work. I’m not the one to line up for the latest and greatest technology just because it exists. I am an early adopter but before I make any purchases or try out any new social networking tool, I consider whether or not it will help me better achieve a specific business objective. And, at that time, I couldn’t visualize how Twitter would fit the bill. Now I use it all the time. I have set up more than 40 social media profiles. The one I maintain the most is Twitter.

Walter is now working on two books. The first of these has a working title of Escape Velocity a book about social media for which he has conducted numerous interviews with social media experts in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the US.

You could also call this book my Nemesis project. Since I started out conducting the interviews in 2010, things have spiraled out of control. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Now I’m having trouble concluding the book. I have so much interesting content to work with, perhaps too much. Now I have to decide what goes and what stays and I’m having trouble making the cuts.

He is not sure yet if he will publish the book through a publisher or self publish it.

I interviewed Seth Godin for the book. He’s made the New York Times best sellers list twelve times. He told me he is now publishing his own books. This makes me want to lean in this direction myself but I am not quite sure which direction I’ll take. I’m still trying to get a firm handle on the content.

Walter also has a second book on social media in mind. Both books are slated for publication in 2012.

In the meantime, Walter Schwabe and I have teamed up to offer a brown bag workshop called “Social Media Workshop for St. Albertans” on November 8, 2011 from noon to 1:30pm. We’ve been offered a few locations in St Albert that we are firming up now. If you read this post, want to attend and would like to know where we decided to hold this presentation, call 780-695-5675 or check our social media accounts. You’ll find the buttons that link to our social media accounts on the home page.