Everloop Social Network for KidsJust in time for Hallowe’en,  a social network that revolutionizes the way kids under 13 interact online. The website’s mission is to provide an online social platform where kids can safely be kids as long and as much as possible. Everloop has created a unique, age-appropriate social media experience for kids with customized micro-networks or “loops” that safely connect tween-relevant content, services, applications and experiences. Everloop’s state-of-the-art privacy protection and monitoring technology (patent pending) guards young users against bullying, predators, bad language and sharing of personal information. They partner with leading innovators to provide tween-focused entertainment as well as top-shelf educational activities.

How Everloop Started
Everloop was started by three moms with a history of entrepreneurship and with seven tweens between them. They were involved in their kids lives online and saw they had nowhere to safely call their “home base” to connect with friends online. They also clearly saw the disturbing online trends including cyber bullying and predators which made many choices unsafe. While privacy online was declared “dead” by some industry leaders, it was and is very much alive for kids. Companies were underestimating how kids under 13 understood and used online social networking technology. Rather than wait for someone else to solve these problems, the two moms that created this site took action. They built Everloop, a safe, fun online world, benefiting from great technology, state of the art safety controls and superior customer service

Customer Service
They are committed to providing exceptional customer service to anyone who interacts with Everloop. Kids need help on how to be a digital citizen. Parents are often lost on how to be a part of their kids’ lives online. Our EverCare program provides “advice” for both parents and kids on how to safely use and optimize their internet experience.

Kids can’t have fun when they feel unsafe. No parent feels comfortable introducing their kids to an unsafe environment. Security is perhaps the most important element for parent advocacy and kid enjoyment. Everloop has the most comprehensive, safe, and fully COPPA compliant social network designed and built specifically for kids under 13 in the marketplace today. While competitive social networks offer a subset of these tools, none offers full suite and level of sophistication that Everloop employs.

Kids are looking for ways to safely connect with their friends online. Everloop provides the right tools, content and activities for kids to connect. Whether they want to share photos with their friends from a birthday party or learn more about their favorite activity or person, they can do it in “loops” with friends that are parent approved.

Custom Profiles
Kids will have a blast setting up their custom profiles. On Everloop, kids get to create a user profile and totally customize it into their own unique home base in cyberspace–something you can’t do anywhere else. Kids love to decorate their bedroom, they’ll have as much fun decorating their profile!

Everloop’s innovative social “looping” technology was specifically designed to allow tweens to safely share, communicate, and collaborate discretely with their friends while online.   No other social platform on the market today offers as many real-time communications, content-sharing, and collaboration features designed specifically for tweens. Everloop kids can join or create “loops” around things they love, such as sports, crafts, music and fan groups.

What better way to be a kid online than “Goob-ing” your friends?? A Goob is a harmless prank that kids can play on each others’ profiles. For example, they can throw a virtual pie or virtually tee-pee a friends’ profile page.

Virtual Goods
Everloop kids can earn or buy “Evercredits” that allow them to purchase items in their virtual store like Goobs, Premium Stickers, etc. By participating on the site, kids will find many ways to earn Evercredits. Or their accounts can be funded through secure credit card transactions approved by their parents.

The Everloop Arcade offers over 1500 games–enough to keep any kid busy.

Online Education for Kids
Education is important for for kids and parents and the internet provides tremendous educational opportunities. Everloop is partnering with leading innovators in education and has been selected by i-Safe (a top provider of internet curriculum for schools) as the “on ramp” to teach kids’ internet safety and social media skills.