Hot 107 FM Radio EdmontonLaunched in October 2009 by John Yerxa, son of Hal Yerxa, the founder of CFCW, Hot 107 FM (CJNW) is the only independently owned FM radio in Edmonton, outside of CKUA and CJSR. It plays mostly pop, pop-electronic and independent and European artists, with a small selection of American Rap usually in the rotation as well. The format draws from top-40 and focuses on music of interest to listeners under 30. There are 3 different live-performed DJ sets each weekday – 1 hr at lunch, 90 minutes at 5:00 and 1 hour at 9. The lunch and 9:00 mix is performed by Mike Tomas, while Russell James performs at 5PM.


Since it was launched in October 2009, Hot 107 shares the youth market with CHBN-FM (91.7 The Bounce), such as launching the station with “10,000 songs in a row”, compared to The Bounce’s commercial frequency, playing an hour long afternoon DJ mix, and also some parodies to The Bounce’s bumpers, such as “I just bounced to the new Hot 107”. On February 3, 2011, The Bounce introduced Commercial Free Mondays once again, it existed when CJNW launched, but however was cancelled in 2010. The next day, February 4, CFMG, formerly 104.9 EZ Rock, dropped Adult Contemporary to become Contemporary Hit Radio 1049 Virgin Radio, having the same format as The Bounce.

On February 23, 2010, the hot adult contemporary station CKNO-FM (102.3 Now! Radio) launched. It plays some similar artists as Hot 107, such as Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, and Ke$ha, however, because a majority of Now’s playlist is different than Hot 107’s, and the presence of on-air personalities, it is not a major competitor. However, all three stations target the under 30 market in Edmonton.

According to Hot 107’s September 21, 2011 media release “Edmontonians were recently asked by Leger Marketing, the largest independent research company in Canada, to select their favourite radio station. Here are the dramatic results:


HOT 107 is now selected as a favourite by more 18-24 year-old adults than any other radio station!*

HOT 107 is now selected as a favourite by more 18-34 year-old adults than any other radio station!*

HOT 107 is now selected as a favourite by more 18-44 year-old adults than any other radio station!*

While many of our advertisers already know that HOT 107 attracts a significant portion of teen and young adult listening in Edmonton, this latest wave of research confirms that HOT 107 also attracts a dramatic level of partisan support amongst both 18-34 and 18-44 listeners as well.

As one of the only locally-owned and independent FM stations left in Canada, HOT 107 continues to post remarkable levels of tuning within one of this country’s most dynamic radio markets!

* These latest findings were based on interviews with 900 local adult respondents during the summer of 2011 (June, July, August). Leger Marketing is the largest Canadian-owned market research firm. Based in Montreal, it exclusively represents the most prestigious worldwide group – Gallup International – giving it access to the best polling and research practices in the world.



John Yerxa
President & General Manager
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In a recent interview with John Yerxa, I asked him “what was the most surprising thing he earned since launching the station?” After a long period of silence he said:

I was surprised that we could pull off testing and launching the station in three months. Four other radio stations were approved for Edmonton at the same CRTC hearings in October 2008. I knew that in order to have a chance of success, we needed to be the first of them on air. Right after the applications were approved, the economy started to slow down and I sat on my hands for a while. In June 2009 I made the scariest decision of my life — to launch the station as quickly as possible. We began testing on September 16, 2009 and launched the station on October 6, 2009. We were able to pull this off because we had so many people so fully committed to the project.

Yerxa wasn’t surprised at the station’s success. He had done his homework. He knew that Edmonton offered the youngest CMA market in Canada and there was a big hole the station could fill with the right mix of music and marketing.

Yes, we play popular music like Lady Gaga. We also tend to play new singles sooner than any other station will play them. Hot 107 FM is about discovering new music and listening to our listeners.

He also points to the two Switch Parties Hot 107 FM has been holding at the Shaw Conference Centre, both of them of over 5,000 participants. He also points to the fact that they have been first out of the chute in offering mobile applications. To date, they report their iPhone app has been downloaded more than 65,000 times.

As for the innovative ways they promote and broadcast their station, they were recently recognized as the Best Streaming Broadcast Station in North America for 2011 by RAIN.

Hot 107 FM delivers the youth market in Edmonton and around the world in more ways than one.