Self PublishingAre you interested in self-publishing a book but not sure where to start? This course takes a look at the pros and cons of self-publishing and provides detailed information on various aspects of the self-publishing process, from hiring an editor to getting and ISBN. Whether you’re looking at digital or print formats, you will learn about the shifting landscape of self-publishing—and what’s the right fit for you.

WRIT 0145-OP01
Sat, Nov 19
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Debbie Elicksen

About Debbie Elicksen

Debbie Elicksen owns and operates Freelance Communication in Calgary which was founded in 1990.
As Canada’s Publishing Expert, Debbie has helped make books come true all over North America from working one-on-one with authors, through workshops and seminars, or her bestselling book “Self-Publishing 101.” She has authored, edited, ghosted, and project managed well over 100 books, and has produced ten of her own.