CFIT The Range AirdrieDespite the opposition of two radio stations in the nearby municipality of Olds, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) gave CFIT-FM (The Range) the green light to increase their broadcasting power from 3,000 watts to 60,000 watts in September.  This upsurge in wattage will allow the Airdrie radio station to strengthen its broadcasting transmission, which in turn will send out a clearer signal to residents in Calgary and surrounding communities like Crossfield and Carstairs.

This change really isn’t going to have a huge impact on us as a radio station, but it will make the umbrella that we broadcast under much stronger and easier to find in communities outside of Airdrie,” says general manager and program director Bruce Daniels. “In some outer areas the signal can be a bit spotty, so by increasing the wattage we improve the overall quality of our sound and can blanket areas better.

Though the potential to reach a bigger audience with a stronger signal is certainly a plus, due to CRTC restrictions and the broadcasting license of Golden West Broadcasting Ltd., the station will not be permitted to accept or solicit any advertising from Calgary.

They must also continue to adhere to their modern adult contemporary format and broadcast local Airdrie programming; a caveat Daniels is more than happy to comply with.

“The only market we’ve ever been concerned with is the one we currently serve, and that’s Airdrie,” says Daniels. “At no time was this application a way of getting advertising or anything else from Calgary. We’re a local station and we’re dedicated to serving our listeners.”

The expected date for the transmission upgrade is not yet set, though Daniels believes it will occur within the next few months.

from Carolyn McTighe reporter for Airdrie Echo originally published September 14, 2011