Tom Radford Alberta Filmmaker CalgaryTom Radford, ’66 BA is a distinguished documentarian. He  has played a pivotal role in Canada’s film industry, inspiring an entire generation of filmmakers. His career as a writer, director and producer has earned him numerous national and international awards and accolades. For more than 40 years, he has had a profound influence on Canada’s television and film industries. In 1980, as an executive producer at the National Film Board (NFB), he founded the NFB Northwest Studio in Edmonton, which launched more than two decades of unparalleled film activity in Alberta and supported the development of many of our country’s filmmakers. He also initiated the National Screen Institute and established one of the first independent production companies in Edmonton.

A champion of environmental and social causes, Radford uses his creativity to showcase the distinctive character and heritage of Alberta and Canada’s North to the rest of the world. A founding partner of Clearwater Media, he explores the human experience and brings important—and sometimes forgotten—aspects of our natural history to the public’s attention. His ability to enthrall audiences extends to other art forms as well. He is the co-author of the best-seller Alberta, A Celebration, and his photography has been displayed at the National Gallery of Canada.