Media MovesErinne Sevigny, long standing Managing Editor and President of Other Voices Edmonton’s Literary Magazine has officially stepped down and passed on all of her duties. I know this because Erinne and I are taking the same creative non-fiction writing workshop  at MacEwan’s Writing Works program led by Kathy MacLean.  It turns out that Kath, as she seems to preferred to be called, teaches creative writing, in the midst of publisher her next creative non fiction publication, prefers poety and is currently Writer in Residence for the Canadian Authors Association (Edmonton Branch) and has an office at Audrey’s Books.  According to the Other Voices website, Marcia, their new President, has past experience working with not for profit organizations as well as previous board and grant-writing experience and has been volunteering with Other Voices in the reading collectives and as their grant-writer for the past year.  Seems like the publication is in good hands.

Edmonton’s Merge Magazine is down for the count again. I ran into Sherree Elm, the editor of the first and second  go arounds at the Folk Festival. She told me that after the July 2011 issue, the second publisher threatened to pull the plug if she didn’t generate $20,000 in ad revenue for the next issue. Sadly, she didn’t have enough time to generate the revenue and also write, shoot and edit the content as well as manage the website and marketing. Karen Unland has left the position of web content editor for the Edmonton Journal and is now teaching Journalism at MacEwan University and hading up her own communications firm.

Dan Riski, a University of Alberta grad and Edmontonian, took over as co-host for Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” this past August.  Alberta Primetime reports that after studying bat biology as a masters student, Dan made the leap from scientist to TV host – first with “Monsters Inside Me,” and now on “Daily Planet.” How does he feel about filling the shoes left by his predecessor and fellow U of A grad, Jay Ingram? How does a zoologist end up working as a TV host, and what is he most looking forward to on “Daily Planet?” University of Alberta grad. You can find out by viewing the Alberta Primetime archive of their interview with him.

Karen Unland, formerly web content editor for the Edmonton Journal has left the position and is now teaching Journalism at MacEwan University and heading up her own communications firm. Good choice by MacEwan. Lucky students!