Edmonton Public Library in the Digital AgeRemember when literacy meant the ability to read and write? Today that definition is as restrictive as dial-up Internet. An LED sign at the Stanley A. Milner branch flashes today’s more expansive meaning in little white bulbs: “Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It’s also the way we make sense of all kinds of information.” We’re still reading to understand the world around us, but the words we absorb are increasingly on high-tech screens rather than between covers. In tech talk, reading has gone “multi-platform.” This summer, we’ll enjoy the pleasures of reading — under a shady tree in the park, at the beach, on lunch breaks or in deck chairs during long twilights — but we might “turn” those pages on a Kobo or Kindle, iPad or iPhone.  In their August 2011 Avenue Magazine in Edmonton explores how the Edmonton Public Library is thriving in the digital age.