Edmonton Journal NewsroomWe’re building a vibrant new community newsroom at The Journal. It will be a place for you to help report on news in our community, share photos (like the one above), stories or videos, and send us data to be mapped and analyzed. We want to reach out to the experts in the community, tap into your passions, and build bridges into areas we haven’t yet reached. By working with you, we can share more about what’s going on in Edmonton and northern Alberta – and find out why it’s important to you. You’ll get a chance to contribute to the stories our professional journalists are working on, adding your expertise and first-hand experiences. It’s about collective wisdom: a story or project with many voices should will have more impact – or simply be more fun.

There will be several phases to the community newsroom, and once we have launched the first we will use that base to build electronic “meeting places” where we can bring together communities of interest around areas like high school sports or non-profit groups. The potential is exciting and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.  Which is why we’re also creating a local advisory board to help shape this project. If you’d like to be part of this 10-member volunteer committee, which starts its work in September, please see the info below for more details.

We want to build this community newsroom from the beginning with your help – a contest to find a name. Community Insider is our working title. Can you come up with something better?

Click here to give us your ideas. The winner will get an iPad and a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Sorrentino’s.

Local Advisory Board

If you would like to be part of the conversation and help lead the development of a community newsroom at the Edmonton Journal, please send an email of no more than 200 words explaining why you’d like to join our community newsroom team.

We’ll meet once a month at the downtown Journal building to get your input, but will also use electronic ways to exchange information with each other, editors and reporters. We need to know what our community cares about the most, and how we’re doing in developing these special links with you and your networks.

This is a pilot program, so we’ll be starting small but growing quickly and determinedly. This is your opportunity to get in at the beginning and see what we can do together.

Email deputy editor, innovation and engagement, Barb Wilkinson at: community@edmontonjournal.com  by July 31, 2011.