YEG news is a purely online news website focused on news of, by and about Edmonton and Edmontonians. Their goal is to “produce informative, interesting and entertaining original reporting in a variety of areas including, but not limited to — Breaking news, Politics – local, provincial & federal, Sports & games, Entertainment, Food, Music, Night life, Business & technology, Opinions & Editorial, Health, Education, Letters to the editor, Profiles of Edmontonians. ” Launched this last May 2011 with Scott McKeen, former columnist of the Edmonton Journal, Scott has since departed and Dave Clark, MacEwan journalism graduate and former news reporter for the Sherwood Park News, is now their new editor.

The publisher of the initiative is Alain Saffel whose experience is “varied; from accounting to journalism to online marketing. Alain started out as an accountant, working towards his CMA. He published a small newspaper for a couple years and decided it was time to get a journalism degree to go along with that. More experience working as a reporter followed and then it was time to move to Alberta. Alain also runs an online marketing company in Edmonton, focused on search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. When he’s not busy writing or looking at Google Analytics, he likes to get out on his fiery red Aprilia scooter.”

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