Hero Magazine Stollery Children's Hospital Edmonton AlbertaIn April 2011, the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton launched a new magazine called Hero in order to acknowledge the heroes within and those that support the hospital. They produce 40,000 copies four times a year which they send to donors. The remaining 10,000 copies are racked throughout the city and placed in doctor’s offices. According to Jan Archbold, the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for the Stollery, and a colleague of mine many years ago, the magazine came about as a result of research they conducted. Their survey showed that donors wanted to know more about the people who work at the hospital, the patients, new technology, and about the many things that make the Stollery a centre of excellence.  “When we went through the process of ‘narrowing down’ what stories to include in the magazine we realized the significant impact donors have on the quality of care and of the lives of the kids in the Stollery.”

We want to share more of the good news from the Stollery with more people. Because it covers a broad section of information, there is always something that will help all kids whether in medical care or healthy kids who have never seen the inside of a hospital.  Articles on play safe, healthy recipes, keeping kids active in positive ways, are there to assist in the well being of all children.

When I asked Jan what she would like the magazine’s readers to know she wrote that it was that:

It takes a lot of people donating their time and services to make this magazine happen, and we’re thankful that so many people in our community realize that everything we do is for the kids and step up.  They make it possible for us to tell the stories of our heroes; some of them so tiny that they wouldn’t even be the length of the cover page to Hero magazine.

The editorial comes from a team called the Stollery Youth Reporters. Richard Hiron, the Regional Sales Manager for Rogers Television in Alberta, is the chair of the foundation and no doubt fully supportive, along with the rest of the board of directors, staff and volunteers, of producing a first class magazine to promote a first class children’s hospital.

To be on their mailing list, call 780-433-7445 or see www.stollerykids.com or at www.facebook.com/stollerykids