Quon Dynasty Edmonton TV SeriesThe Quon Dynasty, a tv series produced by of Anaid Productions with offices in Edmonton and Vancouver,  follows Canada’s favourite family of Chinese restaurateurs as they seek to solidify—and expand—their decades-old prominence on Edmonton’s chow mein scene at the Lingnan Restaurant. Inter-generational friction and deep-rooted sibling rivalry cause plenty of sparks (most of them hilarious), but abiding love and loyalty keep the family business moving (or occasionally lurching) forward. Canada first fell in love with the Quons on Anaïd Production’s award-winning series The Family Restaurant. Now, with a new title and a new broadcaster, excitement is building to see where their story takes us this year. No longer tied to food as an ever-present theme, this new series will expand our view of this amazing family.

The Lingnan is more than a local Edmonton Chinese restaurant—it’s an institution. Amy and Kinman Quon are the kind of hosts that greet you at the front door, seat you at your favourite table, and bring you your regular order without even having to ask. To them, “predictable” isn’t a bad word—it denotes comfort and consistency, and, in the case of the Lingnan, it has defined more than sixty years of popularity.

But in recent years, since taking the throne as Lingnan manager, elder son Miles Quon has spiced things up. He’s proud of the Lingnan’s legacy, and loves the restaurant’s faithful regulars, but he’s determined to drag the business into the 21st century. He has introduced some adventurous new menu items, recruited authentic Chinese culinary talent, and updated the Lingnan’s business practices. This past spring, Miles oversaw a $250,000 renovation of the Lingnan kitchen, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Now that it’s finished, Miles has time and energy for a little empire-building. Where will his ambitions take him?

Younger siblings Mandy Quon and Marty Quon respect their brother’s status as number one son, but they’re never shy about expressing their opinions. Every Quon argument is two-against-one, as the siblings take turns teaming up with—and ganging up on—one another.

Amy and Kinman still expect the final say, even though they are proud of their children, and are eager to keep them involved in the family business. Where is the Quon Dynasty headed? And who will grasp the reins of power?

Watch the “The Big Luck” ceremony/production launch party held at the Lingnan from July 2010:

Here’s the program description from Rogers TV websit:

The Quon Dynasty follows a zany and entertaining family of Chinese restaurateurs as they grapple with inter-generational friction and sibling rivalry in their uproarious ongoing quest to build their family business without sacrificing their personal passions. Their restaurant—the Lingnan—is an institution, beloved by its countless regular customers. It’s cozy and elegant, but quaintly out of date—the sort of place where you can order a Singapore Sling from the cocktail menu on your placemat, and then chow down on a deluxe combination dinner for two.

Elder son Miles Quon wants to turn the Lingnan into a great restaurant—period—instead of a relic from another era. His motives aren’t purely personal; he’s fiercely loyal to his family, to the Lingnan, and to its customers. He takes his “number one son” status very seriously, even though his family sometimes drives him crazy. His father Kinman, soft-spoken but stubborn, likes things the way they are. After all, the Lingnan has done just fine for over six decades. And the restaurant has been Kinman’s whole life—if he lets Miles take over completely, he’ll have nothing else to do.

Unlike their elder brother (and their father before him), Mandy and Marty aren’t willing to sacrifice their personal lives for the Lingnan. Mandy dreams of a glamorous life; meanwhile, she’s stuck living with her parents and working nights at the restaurant. Marty, the baby and designated “slacker,” wants fame and riches (provided he doesn’t have to work hard to get them). To them, the Lingnan is the family anchor—the thing that holds them in place, even if it sometimes feels like it’s dragging them down.

Finally, at the centre of the Quon storm, spins the outrageous, irrepressible Amy. She loves her children, but can’t resist worrying about—and meddling in—their every move (often with hilarious results). As the kids begin to move on with their lives, Amy battles ever more frantically for their love and appreciation. She also hungers for a bit more attention from her husband—but Kinman, it seems, only has eyes for the Lingnan. Welcome to The Quon Dynasty— a realm of intergenerational power struggles, sibling rivalry—and eggrolls.

Miles Quon
Amy Quon
Kinman Quon
Mandy Quon
Marty Quon

Originally launched on The Food Network in 2009, The Quon Dynasty now airs on Citytv, OMNI, and The Biography Channel beginning Fall 2011.