Obama's Twitter Townhall MeetingDavid Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, the book that “opened people’s eyes to the realities of marketing and public relations on the web” including mine, participated in Obama’s Twitter Townhall meeting on July 6, 2011. Here’s an excerpt from his post that offers his suggestions for organizing, monitoring and participating in a similarly successful Twitter Town Hall meeting.


The old political Town Hall was a room somewhere with a politician answering questions and the media writing up or broadcasting stories after the event. It used to be that the president would talk and everyone would sit in their living room and watch, maybe talking about it amongst their family members. Now you have people debating the answers literally as they are being given. Times have changed. Twitter is an important communications tool that can no longer be scoffed at. Read the rest of Meerman’s July 7, 2011 post on Obama’s Twitter Town Hall Meeting.