Nexopia social networking youth EdmontonA true internet success story, Nexopia was born in the dark of a cold Edmonton winter only to rise to become Canada’s largest social networking site for youth. With over 1.5 million members, and hundreds of new accounts created every day, Nexopia is quickly solidifying its reputation as the online place for teens to connect and express themselves. Today the site is registering 35,265,275,383 hits by 1,515,433 users and there were 7, 497 users online at the time I was researching this article.

from their website:

Nexopia emerged as the brainchild of Timo Ewalds, an 18-year-old programming wizard and rebellious digital renegade who took some powerful code out of a cold Alberta basement and turned it into Canada’s largest youth-oriented social networking website. Designed initially as a way to fight back against his high school for banning floppy discs Ewalds quickly took advantage of his program’s potential to connect his friends online. Today, with over 1.2 million registered members and over a billion pages served per month, Nexopia continues to revolutionize the way young people connect online. Even while growing like wildfire Nexopia has managed to retain its rebellious roots and ultimately become the place to be for teens looking to express themselves to the world.

With a product so intensely embraced by our demographic it was inevitable that we would wind up partnering with some of the most adventurous brands and cultural leaders in the world. Some of our regular partners include Live Nation (basically the biggest concert promotions company on the planet), media giants like 24/7 and Tribal Fusion, and tech hipsters Apple.

Always a dedicated leader in innovation, Nexopia plans to take the social networking arena to entirely new heights by soon introducing some of the most awe-inspiring products the web has ever seen. In order to maintain our edge and provide our users with the products they demand, Nexopia has recently received a major investment from Burda Digital Ventures. With the investment from Burda fueling our growth, it’s guaranteed that Nexopia will continue its role as the place for youth to connect and express themselves on the Web.

Nexopia prides itself on the fact that our members are outspoken and opinionated about their culture. That is why we make it a point to always be involved in the communities that excite our users and generate events that support their passions. By supporting, promoting, and developing music, art, and cultural events, we’ve managed to foster an authentic engagement with our members and have made Nexopia oh so much more than just another faceless internet utility. Nexopia is the social network that stands with its users both online and off. Whether we’re arguing ideas in our forums, handing out bandanas in a Warped Tour mosh pit, or partnering with the world’s leading media companies to put on high profile cultural events, Nexopia is the social network that’s become a lifestyle.

Users with free accounts have access to standard features such as forum posting, private messaging, user profiles with comments, photo uploading, a user blog and an image gallery.

Users paying a subscription fee gain access to extra features such as advanced user search, forum creation, various customization options, increased photo uploads and image gallery capacity, online file storage, and the elimination of ads.

A criticism of the site pointed out in their Wikipedia listing is worth mentioning…”since a user’s profile can be completely open to the public, all the profile images and information are viewable. Users often post personal information like their address, mobile telephone number, family members, relationship status, and what school they attend.”

This might be why the site is dropping in site visits over the past months:

Nexopia social networking site Edmonton

If you’re interested in how the popular social networking site evolved, you’ll want to check out this blog post by Timo Ewalds, founder of  Nexopia.And, if you have teenagers who want to use the site, make sure to check their privacy settings.