Social MediaI don’t always have the time to research the people who follow me on Twitter.  I’m not posting content to Twitter to find followers, at least not deliberately. I’m curating, posting and sharing content that I find interesting and hope that others do as well. Today I did take the time to check out a follower and am I glad I did! Another person/publisher with an interest in media and communications. I found the visit to the website engaging, exciting and informative.  I’ll definitely be following them back (because I don’t usually follow either). The blog’s latest post discusses the merits of newspaper publishers adopting a user pay business model. See the answers to the question he/she/they ask in the article entitled ” An idea you might not subscribe to“:

What makes the New York Times more worthy than, say, The Times of London, The National Post, el Pais, or any other international broadsheet?”

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay a fee for premium content on a broadly focused news website when you can get it all from Huffington Post for free?