Alberta Technology Industry AssociationIn an interview by Cheryl Croucher for Innovation Anthology on June 16, 2011, Dr. Perry Kinkaide talks about his assignment over the next 150 days — to help pull together Alberta’s various technology associations under the umbrella of the Alberta Industry Technology Association in order to promote a diversified economy. He’s also the founder and president of the Alberta Council of Technologies. The question is: Can a new association kickstart the diversification of Alberta’s economy beyond oil and gas?

The mission for Dr. Perry Kinkaide over the next 150 days is to canvas Alberta’s technology community. The objective is to deliver a new entity, the Alberta Industry Technology Association.

Dr. Kinkaide was engaged by the Alberta Government to carry out this monumental task. And he explains the need.

There are multiple needs. We’ve established a very complex infrastructure in Alberta, many many associations which some would refer to as fragmented. That fragmentation needs to be dealt with in order to have a voice that can represent to government and to industry and to itself what are our requirements now and into the future? Technology is emerging extremely rapidly. We have become a nation extremely knowledgeable, hence our great universities. But moving that knowledge to market and capitalizing on that knowledge to commercialize it into new businesses has been very slow. And I think government has tried with billions, pumping them into our universities and trying to build bridges that haven’t been effective. I think they are finally turning and saying, maybe we outght to give industry a shot at it.

Listen to the 8 minute interview on Innovation Anthology.