The fourth annual Alberta Arts Days will occur from September 30 to October 2, 2011, in celebration of National Culture Days. The goal is to once again ensure all Albertans have access to a wide range of cultural experiences and encourage a greater love and appreciation for the arts.

All Albertans are encouraged to participate in Alberta Arts Days. Participation can be as simple as adding an artistic element to an existing event, or attending one of the hundreds of free, family-friendly events throughout the province. Last year, thousands of Albertans discovered, experienced and celebrated our unique culture, heritage, artistic diversity and provincial pride through 682 events in 91 communities. Among these were five Feature Celebration Sites, which received support from the Government of Alberta. This year; using the same level of funding as in 2010; the Government of Alberta is committed to supporting a minimum of 60 Designated Celebration Sites.

The Government of Alberta is accepting proposals from those interested in being designated an Alberta Arts Days 2011 Celebration Site. Consideration will be given to those who partner with others in their community to present Alberta Arts Days programming.

Up to five applicants will be designated Feature Celebration Sites. Feature Celebration Sites are eligible to receive a maximum of $20,000. Smaller grants; up to a maximum of $5,000; are available to those interested in becoming Host Celebration Sites. Cultural organizations, nonprofit groups, libraries, venues and facilities, schools, community groups and event planners and are all encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should visit and download the Request for Submission package. The application deadline is April 20, 2011.

Hosting an Alberta Arts Days event is a wonderful opportunity to foster relationships and develop new partnerships, strengthen community spirit and showcase local talents. It is also a great way to for organizations and communities to boost the impact and reach of existing efforts to promote the value and availability of cultural programming.

Join the celebration today! Visit for more information, resources and event planning tools.