Canada's New World MagazineCanada’s New World (formerly Slick Magazine) is a 9×12, perfect-bound, beautifully-laid out collector’s style magazine that follows Canada’s fearless buccaneers into new frontiers around the world, bringing you the best of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurial excellence on a global stage. Canada’s New World is the only Canadian journalistic team devoted to raising awareness of Canadian international entrepreneurialism in an undeniably globalized world economy through countless on-location interviews and photos with Canada’s most solution-orientated and forward-thinking global minds around the world.

The publishers of Canada’s New World, Kathryn Engel, its editor, and Jeff McCoshen, its marketing director,  had a different kind of magazine in mind when they set out to start a new publication. Created from the minds of amongst the most experienced Canadian journalists in the business, Canada’s New World is the intelligent reader’s choice for a new kind of Canadian voice in business.

In each edition, journalists gather stories and photographs on location in a new international market representative of excellent possibilities, while providing a comprehensive look at events and developments making news across Canada. The dialogue surrounding globalization is more important than ever to Canada’s future, and the publishers of this magazine take that seriously.

In each issue of Canada’s New World Magazine, Canadian and and international readers read about the best of Canadian entrepreneurialism and innovation positioning Canadians in leadership roles around the world with on-location comprehensive stories compiled in one new foreign destination.

Canada’s New World regular features include: Shipping News,the inside information from Canada’s largest ports, and intermodal transportation network, along with the news from other world ports affecting the way Canadians conduct international business.

In the Executive Reading Lounge, readers will find supplemental reading related to the main country theme of the issue through colourful, passionate reviews collected from international journalists and literary watchers from around the world.

Conversations offers intimate dialogues in Canadian business between Canada’s New World editor, Kathryn Engel, and the most thoughtful leaders in industry and public affairs from both Canada and around the world.

Canadian Solutions showcases innovators from home responding to some of the world’s greatest needs featuring stories about Canadian innovators bringing solutions where they are most needed.

The Canadians is a regular feature designed to make readers proud to own what one of our recent global entrepreneurs featured in Canada’s New World calls the greatest possession on the planet – a Canadian passport. Here, CNW catches up to notable Canadians helping Canada shine on the world map by applying their excellence in every sector in positions of leadership.

CNW is produced by Kathryn Engel and Jeff McCoshan as a husband and wife partnership team out of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Kathryn is the former editor of North West Business Magazine, which Jeff helped edit, and Jeff once headed up the editorial department for the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune. Both are graduates of the journalism program at the University of Regina.

The magazine is published 6 x per year with 18,000 copies per issues. Distribution is mainly to business executives in Canada through Canada Post.

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