On Toby's TermsWhen Charmaine Hammond and her husband Chris discovered that their newly adopted stray dog had a serious behavior problem, she responded like most people would. She took Toby to an animal behaviorial expert. Along the way to discovering and curing what made Toby respond so violently to being left alone that he tore apart the house, she added successful writer, remarkable publicist and soon to be Hollywood screenwriter to her accomplishments.

I learned about Toby and about Charmaine’s new book, On Toby’s Terms, when she sent me this email in response to having read the January 2011 issue of mediamag ezine and my request that readers to submit an article on a recently published Alberta book.

Greetings Marilyn!
I so enjoyed reading the Media Mag, I recently subscribed.

In the media mag you had mentionned opportunities to feature new books.  I would love to be considered.

My new book On Toby’s Terms (see attached) has been signed to become a motion picture. The book is based on my dog Toby who has become a media magnet, has been on TV, radio and a guest at many events. He even accompanies me on many of my speaking events (I am an international speaker) to schools, conferences and other professional events. Toby is a rescue dog that had issues, and after seeking professional help, we helped Toby discover his purpose!  Now he is a volunteer at a hospital (Alberta Hospital Edmonton) and a pet assisted therapy dog (with Chimo Pet Assited Therapy Project in Edmonton)  The book focuses on the rich, meaningful and life changing lessons I learned through our dog Toby.  I am also writing 3 new books to be released in 2011, also to be published by Bettie Youngs Books.  Toby the star of the book has raised close to $10,000 for different charities, I would be happy to send along other information you might require,
Thank you Marilyn for considering our book. I’d be thrilled to connect with you!
Toby’s EPK:  http://web.me.com/getnoticedpr/ontobysterms/Dog_House.html

Thank you,
Charmaine Hammond
www.hammondgroup.biz   and www.ontobysterms.com
Toby’s EPK:  http://web.me.com/getnoticedpr/ontobysterms/Dog_House.html

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Charmaine’s new book On Toby’s Terms published by Bettie Youngs Books is in bookstores everywhere and has been signed to become a motion picture!  www.tobytales.com or Amazon.com
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Following this email, I asked her to send me a copy of the book. After reviewing it, I contacted her, curious about her background and anxious to know the strategies she used to promote On Toby’s Terms. I learned that she holds a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management after having spent 15 years in the correctional system and that she has a passion for speaking and training. I also learned how actively she was marketing her book using conventional, tried and true book selling tactics, along with corporate and social media and innovative marketing ideas.

Booking signings, a mainstay in the author’s promotional arsenal and often a lonely and traumatic experience for many, became dog-loving experiences with Toby operating the spring loaded paw print rubber stamp to the delight of parents and awestruck children. “We often sold 40 to 60 books each signing which is, so I am told, an incredible amount of books to be sold at a signing for a first time author.”

Toby also plays a big part in her book’s social media activities. Toby has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and his own blog, newsletter (Pawsitive Inspiration) and website www.tobytales.com. Charmaine uses her LinkedIn account to promote upcoming events and book signings. She uses her and Toby’s social media accounts to build relationships with the book’s sponsors and readers and finds Authors Den helpful in gaining visibility online. On it she posts videos and photos of Toby as well as upcoming events.

She told me that Amazon has also provided an important forum for the promotion of the book and for gaining online visibility. Of all the tools she has used to promote On Toby’s Terms, Charmaine credits the free press release posting services she uses as offering the best return on her investment of time. “I post a release on these sites every two weeks. It took a while, seven releases in all, before I noticed any effect. Now, as a result of all the media releases online, the releases, the book or Toby’s website or social media accounts more often than not show up on the first page of Google’s search results. It’s amazing to know how many free tools there are online to promote books.”

On March 2, 2011, Charmaine landed her most important piece of publicity yet, a full page in the Edmonton Examiner. This led to the article reprinted in the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun two days later which resulted in interviews on Global TV and CBC TV on March 8 followed by requests for interviews from the National Post and Alberta Primetime. The morning of our interview on March 10, 2011, Charmaine Hammond gave a 15 minute interview to Bark Radio.

Who would have thought a correctional officer and dispute resolution expert would achieve such success as a writer, dog trainer, a social media expert and first class publicist?