Energize Alberta

Energize Alberta Newspaper

Energize Alberta is the product of three publishers: JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, Farm Business Communications and Great West Newspapers, all owned by Glacier Media Inc. According to its website, “Energize Alberta is a new publication all about energy.” The newspaper is distributed bi-monthly to more than 180,000 Albertan businesses and households. Its estimated readership is more than 500,000, including 130,000 rural Albertan households and 40,000 farmers. Energize Alberta is also distributed at nearly 50 trade shows and conferences annually. Stephen Marsters is the paper’s publisher and editor. Energize Alberta aims to “…examine the energy landscape through three key lenses: petroleum, power and renewables…and all the content will link the three key components of the ‘Triple E’ equation (energy, the economy and the environment).” The January/February 2011 cover stories are “Team players” – a story about former pro athletes such as Calgary Flames captain Lanny McDonald and Saskatchewan Roughrider Dan Rashovich, who moved on to careers in the oil and gas industry – and “Safety first”, which discusses how to reduce workplace incidents in the industry. There is also a feature on “Five visionaries who changed the path of the oilsands industry” and each issue contains a list of the top 10 current energy stories. Readers can connect to Engerize Alberta through its website (www.energizealberta.com) and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/energizealberta).

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