After some unforeseen delays, the WGA announced Gayleen Froese as the winner of Book Television’s 3-Day Novel Contest filmed in 2007. Runners up were: Paul Matwychuk and Matthew J. Trafford.
The Writers Guild of Alberta co-sponsored the 3-Day Novel contest with Book Television in 2007. Delays caused by mergers and aquisitions involving Book Television resulted in delays in announcing the winner.  Here’s an excerpt from Gayleen’s book now called Grayling Cross to be released by NeWest Press on March 15, 2011.

If you think I’m stupid, why would you want to hire me?”
The office door was stuck open again, hung up on a bump under the short grey carpet. Anna could see that from the bottom of the stairs, as clearly as she could hear Collie’s voice.
She took the stairs two at a time, not that it mattered. She was already late.
From the landing, she could see the client. Prospective client, anyway. He looked young, late teens or early twenties, with long dark hair and sharp features.

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